How is the Fuel Subsidy Removal Going to Affect you?

Jan 3, 2012 at 12:38 pm in Featured, General, Lagos by YWee · Tags: ,

The removal of the fuel subsidy has been passed into law “The Federal Government on Sunday announced scrapping subsidy on petrol, with regulator agency PPPRA fixing the price per litre at about N144, up from N65″. the removal of the subsidy has more than doubled the price of fuel.

Fuel stations have adjusted their petrol prices ranging from N138 per litre to as much as N160 per litre.






The effects are being felt in all areas of the Country and Nigerians are reacting in various ways!

“Between the newly increased fuel prices and the introduction of tolls on the Lekki Axis, I am going to look actively into how I can carpool….it will cost me a lot of money to have the car go home to pick up my kids from school and return to my office after school runs everyday”!

“My driver has already asked for a room to stay in my house so he can go home only on the weekends now! Transport fare has more than doubled and he cannot afford to commute on a daily basis”.

“I am going to have to reduce the amount of time that we use our generator,  it will cost too much to fuel my generator. That means I can no longer afford to buy food in bulk because it can go bad very quickly”

“I am a caterer and I worry what this is going to do to food prices…how will this affect my clients and their ability to pay”

“workers will agitate for more salaries that would lead to inflation in the country”

How will the fuel subsidy affect you or has it affected you already….