Have Children become pre-mature adults?

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When the legendary Michael Jackson died, both fans and critics mourned him for days on end. For we Lagosians, we never had the chance to meet him. He had never set foot in our country, but we mourned him all the same. Majority were particularly sad that he had died without finding the childhood he longingly sang about. This brings me to the focus of this write-up. Children and Adults!

It is expected that a child would act like a child, talk like a child, dress like a child and DANCE like a child while the adult sticks to adult activities. Children will eventually become adults so there is absolutely no reason for them to be made adults before their time. But just like Jackson was denied his childhood in exchange for fame and fortune; so many children are being denied their childhood in exchange for attention from adults who are probably just bored…!

I know many women and men out there will be the exact same way, wanting sanity for the whole wide world but after watching the video on this Inappropriate Dancing; you will agree with me that the world in which we are living in is already a whole WILD world.

Whoever transformed the concept of ‘sexy or sensuality  into showbusiness was most likely an adult and had adults in mind too. So pardon me but it beats my imagination why some adults would impose sexuality on children. You are probably wondering who these adults are but *supriseee* WE are the adults I am referring to.

Ever been to a kiddies party of recent to see what children of this generation call ‘dance?’ Back in the day, we used to wear our baby doll dresses and cute shoes to parties and when it was time to dance, innocence was written all over our dance steps (if we can call them steps).

Today, its a sad story. Children now wind and grind in broad daylight! The perversion that exists in the media has caught we the adults up and worse we have failed to protect our children. We have been so carefree, so non-chalant, so off-handed about what goes on around us now that we are condoning the very actions that are dangerous for children.

Some parents teach their children how to dance sexily and for those who don’t teach them directly, you teach them indirectly when you do not correct them. I have heard some adults say, “they are just kids, it’s nothing”. IF you regard it as nothing, wait a few more years when their hormones become active.

And oh, by then, they would have become gurus in the act of club dancing. If by the tender age of 5, they are grinding; what would happen at age 12? We are doing this children and ourselves no good by laughing  these things off.

The earlier we stop amusing ourselves at the expense of their future and do something about this. the better….. so next time you are at a kiddie party are you going to smile at how cute the adultchild gyrating is?

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