DIY 9 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Fresh without Toxic Chemicals

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Some Natural Ways to make your house smell fresh, especially with children in the house who might be sensitive to air fresheners it was nice and useful to come across this post with some natural ways to use air fresheners.

DIY Spray Fragrance
Take a small spray bottle and add 1 oz of water to 10 drops of essential oil. Spray on linens or smelly upholstery like throw pillows. Lavender is great to mist on your pillows before bedtime.  You can also make a bottle in your favorite scent and keep it in the bathroom. Consider using a strong scent like eucalyptus to mask odors in the bathroom.

Candle Diffuser
This one is my favorite. Candle diffusers are usually made from clay or metal. You add your oils into a dish on top and a tea light below warms the oils and scents the air. They look lovely and make the whole room smell nice.

Steam Diffusion
Bring a small pot of water on the stove to a boil. Add 10 drops of essential oil. The steam will carry the scent throughout the air. This is a good way to get rid of cooking smells.
Alternatively, you can add citrus peels, cloves and spices like cinnamon to the boiling water instead of oils.

A small dish of coffee beans stashed in small closets or cupboards will help mask musty odors and who doesn’t love the smell of coffee?

Baking Soda
Use the same way as the coffee beans but you can also stir in a few drops of essential oils. This will absorb odors and smell good.

Reed Diffusers
Reed diffusers are very popular and you can get them at almost any home goods store but they are not all created equal. Make sure you choose ones that use natural oils.

Cotton Balls

Soak a small jar of cotton balls in vanilla  and stash in the fridge to help it smell fresh.

Herbal Sachets
Take your favorite dried herbs like lavender or lemon balm and fill little sachets. Tuck them away in your sock drawer or between the cushions on your couch.  Don’t have a sewing machine? cut up old nylons  fill with herbs of your choice and tie off the end.

Scented Candles
Just like reed diffusers not all scented candles are created equal. Personally I can’t stand the scent of cheap paraffin scented candles. Luckily there are some lovely beeswax and soy candle scented with natural fragrances.

Kitty litter
Take a shallow Tupperware container and fill with litter. Store in an area that is prone to bad smells like the closet where you keep your stinky sneakers!  The litter will help absorb the smells.

The great thing about all these options is your can customize with your favorite scents. If you want to relax and unwind, try lavender. Need more energy? Use citrus oils like lemon.  Do you have any natural fragrance tips? Share in the comments!

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