Diary of a LagosMum | God Has Good Eyes

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The other day after school I decided to take my kids out for a treat (well maybe the treat was partly for me too) to the new Cold Stone Creamery.

As we got there, with all things Naija there was no parking space in the compound or even close to the store and I was the one driving. The security offered that we should go over to the other side and park across the road. I did not feel it was safe to attempt crossing the wide street with the kids all in the name of ice cream, so I drove off. The kids protested wanting their ice cream to which I tried to explain the situation and told them there was no parking. Eventually I relented and said okay I would turn and drive back and that in the mean time they should pray to God for a parking spot to open up. The lot was pretty tight and I wasn’t sure anybody would leave.

As it so happened when we drove back not one but two parking spots had opened up. My daughter squealed in delight and said “Yes I prayed to God and he answered us…You see God has Good Eyes”!!

I was so thrilled that she could have such faith in God that he would answer her prayers. It was a reminder to me that we must have faith in God and pray to him for both the little things and the big things. To her finding a parking spot was important enough to her to pray to God for and ask him to open up a parking spot for us. Even more important is that she had faith and did not have any doubt in her mind that he would respond to her request.

We should not categorize what we think we can take to God in prayer….the “apparent” small things and the big things he can do it and is willing to hear!

It made me remember the verse in the Bible that says “I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child….” Luke 18:17