Back to School Tips

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Back to School Tips

Most of the children are back in school after the Christmas Break. Hopefully easing back into school schedule and sleeping patterns will not be too difficult.

Some tips to help with the adjustment to back to school

  • Health
    • Vitamins can help to boost your kids immunity to the rigors of back to school and all the germs they will be re-introduced to being back to school with the other kids. Also make sure they take a lot of fruits, which are natural vitamin c.
    • Make sure immunizations are up to date for immunization aged kids
    • Make sure your child’s school has any updated list of medications and extra medication in class if need be (for example an inhaler in school). If you had medication in their school bag from last term make sure it is not expired.
    • Update all medical records and doctors information
  • General
    • Label all new school items, flasks, clothes, bags and all other items that might need labeling depending on the age of the children.
    • Sign up for any extra curricular activities your child might be interested in, make sure to discuss with them and let them have a say in whether they would like to continue those piano classes or not (this will save a lot of frustration)
    • Meet the teacher and mention any changes to your child’s life such as family moves and births to help a teacher understand any changes.
    • Usually when the school starts there will be a school calendar sent. It is helpful for both parents and other caregivers to update calendars, phones with upcoming events and set reminders. This should help with planning as well for half terms, public holidays and vacations coming up. You could also print out and fill calendars for the term which, you can paste somewhere everyone can see and use as a guide.
  • Security
    • Go over all school run details with everyone including the gateman, driver and nannies. Be sure to repeat it and don’t assume they remember your rules from last term, especially if you have some new staff.
    • Go over rules with your children as well about school pickup security. No crossing close to a car, Nannies should be sure kids clothes are not caught in the door of the car when it is shut, driver should make sure the kids have used their seatbelts before he starts driving.
    • Update the school if you have new people authorized to pick your children who need new ID cards as necessary.
    • Go over details with your children, such as emergency phone numbers, he/she should know at least one parents phone number. It is also advisable the children know their parents full names and where they work/how they can be reached.

Wishing everyone a safe school term!