Didi’s Diary: Nice to Meet You

Feb 16, 2013 at 8:10 am in Bloggers, Expectant Mum, Featured, Featured Blogger by YWee · Tags: , ,

“Oh dear how to battle this weight insecurity?” I thought to myself with tears dripping down my face.

Hello, my name is Didi and I’m soon to become a mum… I don’t know how to feel only joy about this as a lot of women would and that’s because the person that got me pregnant is not in support of this increase. I don’t know what to do because I am too scared to eliminate this pregnancy even with the many challenges I know will come with this! I am only sure of one thing; God loves me, has forgiven me and will not forsake me…

I would be telling you about my experiences as time goes on; I need you to be my friend because I can really do with one in the physical right now. It’s easy to say, “Jesus loves you and He’s with you always.” But sometimes one is in need of someone you can physically hear from and lean on and just know that you know is there.

I have never been one to give my weight any attention because I’ve always been content with my looks, my figure, my complexion, and my package in total! But now that I am pregnant, having seen some interesting examples around me, I feel I am, in addition, pregnant with paranoia about my weight amongst other issues. Sigh…

The situation with my pregnancy has birthed a lot of insecurities; would I ever get married? I mean which man would want to carry such baggage; he’d have to be an angel on earth or something of the sort. Or how would I get my caramel complexion and youthful skin back? Or how on this planet would I get my figure back? I need it to help me look good enough to attract a prospective husband and father of my child!

Well, whilst I pray and have faith that all will be well let me start doing the things advised by Healthy FiFi regarding my weight and healthy living. I bumped into this pretty lady who happened to be a nutritionist and told her about my weight and skin concerns and looking at her I was more than enthusiastic to take her advice. She’s slim and looks 21 even if she claims to be in her mid to late 30s.

She says I should start my days with a granola cereal and fruits, have a tidy lunch of steamed veggies, a measure of carbs and fish, snack on fruits or some kind of healthy bar and do fresh greens with another protein for supper. She also says I should walk daily for a minimum of thirty minutes (that would be easy in that crazy busy office..lol).

For your own bespoke advice, you can reach HealthyFifi on 08165702717 and place your food orders with LaVilla Kitchen by calling 08097775551

I’ll update you on my progress; I hope you also have some good progress with her. And thanks for having a “listening eye”, meet me here next week for another chat/monologue/session.