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Don’t let the wedding ruin your marriage

Nimi Akinkugbe, Money Matters with Nimi discusses don’t let the wedding ruin your marriage in this 2 part series. Don’t let the wedding ruin your marriage From our earliest years we are conditioned to dream of a fairy tale wedding. Parents are often under a lot of pressure on themselves to give their children the…

money matters with nimi

Financial Plans For The New Year

Have you set your financial plans for the New Year? It is clear that we face economic challenges with the decline in global oil prices, the devaluation of the naira, a volatile stockmarket, increased interest rates, serious security issues and a general air of uncertainty in the land. This will inevitably have an impact on…

Are You Smart Enough Financially?

Are you financially literate enough to raise a daughter who is financially empowered? Your daughter learns from you and how you see and handle finances. Start with asking yourself about your own finance? How well do you manage it? what about your family’s finances, are you responsible enough to handle it with care?Are you an…

money matters with nimi

Are Your Children Financially Literate?

Are your children financially literate? Contributed by Nimi Akinkugbe, Money Matters with Nimi Our current educational system focuses almost totally on academic subjects and very rarely is any aspect of money management taught in the school curriculum. This is set to change in due course. At an event to mark Global Money Week held at…

Planning for your Child’s Education Part II

Planning for your Child’s Education Part II By Nimi Akinkugbe as a continuation to Planning for your Child’s education series, here for Part I.   “Save now, or you’ll pay later” Many parents pay school fees on an ad hoc basis without any advance planning. With the rising cost of education, if sound investments are not…

The gift of financial security on Mother’s Day

Contributed by Nimi Akinkugbe Mothers make huge sacrifices for their families and often neglect their own needs in the process. One area that is often entirely ignored is their financial security. A lack of financial skills has the potential to negatively impact not only a woman’s future, but also that of her children. Women face…

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