Women have a great capacity for compassion and mercy, and as young girls we are brought up to nurture and take care of others. Most of us learn to become excellent multi-taskers. But at some point we get the message – sadly, from our own parents or peers- that we need to excel at everything. Academics, career, mind, body & spirit—and we’re expected to keep it all in perfect balance.
This pressure to excel at everything creates an impossibility, and, with it, a fear of action. Many of us are trapped in prisons created from certain beliefs, such as our fear of disappointing our families, feeling as though we must be perfect all the time, fear that if we say no we will be labelled ‘bad’ or ‘difficult’. This creates anxiousness, and is often seen in people who say ‘yes’ to things, then don’t follow through to deliver on them.
This unconscious image of perfection is, in fact, at odds with how the human soul actually experiences growth – which is through being free, making mistakes and being able to express itself fully.
It’s important we see how our seeking for approval gets in our own way. Once we become more aware, it’s then important to set a mandate by which we can live, a certain line that we draw, a set of rules to place for ourselves. This means creating a personal credo that speaks to our soul aspect.
There are several values that can replace the drive for perfection, among them believing that we deserve to have good things come our way, as well as the experience of true love and simple happiness in this lifetime. In order to work towards these realities, however, it is necessary to establish boundaries, and grow beyond the fear of appearing strident and into a motivation to establish a new kind of healthy living.
When our core beliefs are clear, we find that we no longer worry about coming off ‘too strong’…In fact, we often become aggressive or act in ways not in our integrity because we react to things and people that we find threatening.
The next step in establishing boundaries, is to create compassion for ourselves, and dig deep to find what it is that we deserve and need, rather than what everyone expects of us.
If we cannot give and be kind to ourselves, we can never love ourselves enough to believe we deserve to be unconditionally loved, truly heard & treated with human dignity. Putting ourselves first isn’t selfish but a necessary step in our life’s growth. When we have appreciation for ourselves, others will too. Because we teach people how to treat us.