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Something For The Mums: Strategic Mothers Magazine

March 9, 2013 in Events, Featured, Featured Parenting, Specials for LagosMums by mayowa O.

Strategic Mothers Magazine is a publication put together by Emmanuel Ehimika who is the Convener of  THE JESUS DREAM (TJD), a Worldwide Christian Prayer Programme for the Unity of the Body of Christ which holds on 30th JUNE each year.

Strategic Mothers Magazine has been in existence since 2001 and guess what?… the Magazine is distributed free of charge every month to women, via courier, not only in Nigeria, but also in other nations worldwide and was borne out of the passion to celebrate motherhood and have women enthrone their children into their divine purposes through focused prayers.

Its Headquarters is in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Interested recipients are required to send their full contact details, including phone numbers via text messages to the numbers stated hereunder, or via email to contact@thejesusdream.org

However, we encourage partnership through freewill sponsorships so we can reach more women.

Many public figures have also shared their stories in various editions of the magazine. Women such as:
*Mrs Kukoyi- Permanent Secretary, Ogun State Civil Service,
*Mrs Ayeni- CEO Tantalizers
*Dr. (Mrs) Kate Okpareke-Past President, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria(ICAN)
*Prof Dora Akinyuli – Former Minister of Information & Communications.

Gracing the cover of this month’s edition is Mrs Onari Duke – wife of Donald Duke, former Governor of Cross River State.

These women have all bared their minds and opened up on issues relating to the home-front and their critical roles as wives and mothers.

Emmanuel Ehimika, aka Preacherman, would be at the Throne Room Parish of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) which meets at Transcorp Hilton Hotel this Sunday, 10th March in Abuja for a women conference slated for 9AM.

For More Information on how to order your copy, please call:
08033490026 or 08053378225
e-mail: contact@thejesusdream.org
Website: www.thejesusdream.org


PS: LagosMums Is Giving Away Two Copies Of The Magazine… Want One? Tell Us In The Comment Box!!!

Family Traditions, got em?

December 3, 2012 in Bloggers, Featured, Featured Blogger, Parenting by mayowa O.

Written by: Mayowa Ogundele (@Ohluwamayowa)

As a young, unmarried and hopeless romantic; I cannot but continue in my quest to discover the ‘happily ever after’ world. I want Life to be a bed of ever-scenting roses that become fresher than they were the day before.

No, I’m not talking about M-for-Marriage, at least not today. I’m talking about F-for-Family and T-for-Tradition. Most especially the T!

TRADITION! Oh that word is everywhere! Yes I agree…

It’s in the society, religious groups, corporate societies… everywhere! Some people even loathe the word and all it stands for because over time it has (in some cases) hindered liberty, flexibility and most often than not, creativity.

But today is not the day to talk about those traditions the world can definitely do without! Let’s talk about traditions we need to encourage; family traditions!

In my few days on Earth, mostly spent in Nigeria… I have seen and heard of so many family issues. All sorts of anomalies ripping the average home apart.  If it’s not Daddy Vs. Mummy, it’s probably a Parent Vs. A child or Child Vs. Child. There’s always one issue or the other. So much unhappiness and strife going on and I just keep wondering why.  Where is the love?

Now let’s consider something I thought about… How is it possible that some folks would insist on marrying people from their ethnic group? How come lots of people cozy up to people who attend or move in the same religious circles as they do? Or have you never been extra nice to a stranger just because you found out they are members of your church?

All the answers I can think of in response to these questions are wrapped up in the word “traditions”. Those events, ideas, beliefs, mannerisms etc. peculiar to a group of people irrespective of the geographical location of its members. Tradition(s) in my own words!

So if traditions create such a bond that transcends time and place, wouldn’t you agree with me that parents should start taking advantage of this time-defying reality? I think it’s time we use what we have (or can have) to get what we want. Happily Ever After!

Most Nigerian families do not have their own customized traditions. Many a times, you only find couples having their own traditions and they forget to re-create such for their family as a whole.

If those things (activities) you do with your spouse help to keep the sparks flying for years on end, then your family needs traditions that would keep it together come rain or shine.

You need to find those activities, mannerisms, beliefs, actions that would form the bedrock of your family’s foundation and help create a bond that cannot be broken by misunderstanding, sibling rivalry, societal pressures… and whatever evil thing that separates people.

Wondering how you would get this thing started? Trust me, you don’t need to call a family meeting over it because building family traditions lies in the simple things you do … regularly. For some people it is eating dinner together!

In my family, I have observed that whenever anyone of us attains a major milestone, we all gather to celebrate one way or the other.  We have ice-cream on our birthdays! Once upon a time, we ate pounded-yam every Sunday! We have family devotions everyday including Sunday *rolling my eyes*! We always fellowship together on New Year’s Eve!

I know a family that hosts Christmas parties for friends and family every year. At trip to the public places in town shows that lots of families hang-out after church every Sunday and so on…

However, it is usually easier to maintain a family tradition when the kids are younger and have to go wherever mummy and daddy go, literally; but there is a need to establish traditions that are of high sentimental value so that as the kids grow older and become more independent; they would appreciate such traditions and carry them on.

Tradition creates bonds and memories.

REVEALED! Why Women Wear Skimpy Clothes!!

November 25, 2012 in Bloggers, Featured by mayowa O.

Written By: Mayowa Ogundele (@Ohluwamayowa)

So it seems my most interesting stories are inspired by real life events and today’s own is no different.

So it’s a Saturday morning and I’m sitting right across Samsung shop at Ikeja City Mall (Shoprite) backing two ladies who appear to be staff of the shop. The mall is not so busy and I’m waiting for friends of mine and these two ladies sitting on the same seat are whiling away time… GOSSIPING! But that’s not the gist.

Apparently, they are just as less busy as the mall itself and so the next be thing they could do was chat about this and that. They started with office gist and the on-going salary review which automatically means… late pay. But seriously, why do employers of labour do that? (that’s for another day).

So these ladies move along gist lane to talk about some haughty Shoprite female staff who stole items and was sent to the police station…

The topic immediately changed when a lady (most likely in her late 20’s or early 30’s) walked by in a oh-so-skimpy skirt. Of course that’s not the only thing she wore! She was decked in a blazer, shirt, power bag and power nude-coloured shoe but the only thing that caught the attention of all three of us (and God-knows-how-many-others) was that SKIMPY skirt which had a slit almost revealing her *cough cough.*

So there’s a little pause when the ladies taking their time ogling our skimpily dressed madame… a few more steps away from us and POW… she becomes the topic of the gossip session.

My dear gossip sisters commented about skimpy being a chic and those shoes?!… you gotta love em. Then one of the ladies said, “and she will say she wan marry o”!

That comment opened the floodgates of a new phase of the err… ‘discussion’? Anyways, the other PIG (partner-in-gossip) replied and said ‘Men like vain women A LOT’ and every man will want to associate with such a sophisticated lady. It is general knowledge that the ‘rich want to marry the rich’ and according to these ladies, only a man who is a ‘low-life’ would want to marry a normal woman!!! WHAT?!!!!!

One of them went on to comment that lots of married women dress skimpily so as to keep their men at home! The idea is: if our husbands keep falling over these semi-naked young ladies, we might as well go skimpy too…

So before you let your take on the issue flow in the comments… Consider this: In Nigeria, it is expected that a married woman conduct herself in a matured and decent fashion. However, the world is a global village now, which means we have been exposed to the cultures and orientation of other people of the world.

So the question is, is there a decent way for a Nigerian married woman and what is not?

Braite Lites Presents #ProjectDDD- A Charity Inintiative

November 17, 2012 in Featured by mayowa O.

Hello LagosMums,
Here’s another opportunity to bless the ‘less privileged’ in our society as we approach the festive December!

Donation Drive for December’ tagged #ProjectDDD is an initiative by Braite Lites aimed at helping the less privileged by giving out food items, clothes, shoes and more to both ‘needy’ children and adults (elderly).

Three homes have been selected to benefit from the drive; Holy Family Home for the Elderly, Fair Life Africa, Love Home Orphanage.

Braite Lites is not alone in this journey as they have the support of some reputable organisations/ personalities like Fair Life Africa, TruSpot, Ovie Brume Foundation, Top Radio’s Tosyn Bucknor, MoCheddah, Jhybo, Benita, Yetunde Omo Ibadan (Project Fame), Benita, LagosMums, TruSpot, Flytime Promotions, RayPower Fm and a host of others.

There are collection centres for the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) in November: 10th & 11th – UNILAG Chapel, 17th & 18th - Silverbird Galleria, 24th & 25th – Arena Mall (Oshodi) and The Braite Lites team will be there to receive the donations.

Collection of items for DDD commenced on November 1, 2012 and will run through till the first of December when items will be distributed during a celebrity/hangout party in honour of the beneficiaries.

Call 08028386151, 07038111807, 07058051910 OR just come over to Unilag Chapel This Saturday (12-2pm) & Sunday (2-4pm) to drop your own donations with the collection team…Make use of the PICK-UP option which allows you to  contribute in the comfort of your home… The collection team is available to collect at your doorstep!

If you are on the Island, drop yours @ Savvie Hair Boutique, Shop 55 Dolphin Plaza, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi or Mainland @ 1, Akinwunmi street (top floor) off Herbert Macaulay street, Yaba.

Braite Lites is an Events/Media/Ideas outfit geared towards ‘Adding Value to Life’

Mum Of The Month: LM Interviews Founder Of Lost In Lagos Tannaz Bahnam

October 19, 2012 in Featured, Lagos by mayowa O.

By Mayowa Ogundele

We would like to introduce our Mum Of The Month, the founder of Lost In Lagos, a website about everything fun and funky in Lagos. You might presume she is a Lagosian or Nigerian? but no, not really! Let’s just say she is a Lagosian by Choice! Enjoy this exclusive interview with Tannaz Bahnam.

Please introduce yourself?

My name is Tannaz Bahnam and I am the founder of Lostinlagos.com. I’m originally from Iran but grew up in London and the US, but am now a proud Lagosian. I spent three years working for National Georgraphic Magazine, traveling around the world, which is how I ended up in Lagos in 2008. Here I met my soul mate and ended up staying to start a new life as a Lagosian. I have a degree in international Relations and an MA in Diplomatic Studies.

Tell us about your journey from pregnancy to delivery?

Pregnancy was the most amazing and rewarding journey. Luckily I didn’t experience much nausea, so I was able to really enjoy the whole process. I left Lagos when I was 32 weeks to give birth in London, and found that being pregnant in Lagos has a lot of benefits, especially when you are spoilt with additional help. But I also enjoyed walking around London, getting some sort of exercise while pregnant was also really important for me. Bonding with my son while pregnant was also really special, I would read to him every night and play music for him using special natal speakers. But by the ninth month I was suffering! I had a c-section which went smoothly and was painfree.

If you could change one thing about being a mum, what would it be?

I wish I had more time to spend with my son. Trying to balance work and being a mum is challenging but it makes every second with him that much more precious. But the only thing I would really change is the weight gain! lol

What do you love about motherhood?

I love everything, from changing nappies to making him smile, even the torturous sleepless nights are not so bad when he looks up and gives you a smile.

What are the challenges?

The biggest challenge is to balance everything I was doing before while still being there for my son.

One word that describes being a Lagos mum (being a mum in Lagos)?


How do you balance work and family? Does the word “balance” really exist?

At the beginning no, but as he grows older and falls into a routine it makes balancing work and family much easier.

How did you come up with “Lost In Lagos”?

When I first moved to Lagos I found it difficult to find places to go to or places to buy things. Slowly I started discovering that there is a lot of hidden gems and decided to put all my finds into a website, as I found out alsot that many other people weren’t aware of how much you could actually find in Lagos. I also found that the standards of these businesses were not very high and I wanted to create a platform where consumers can review them.

Do you have any other job asides being the founder of LIL?

I also have my own brand of Chai Latte, T-Kup Chai Latte, so I also have to find time to make the chai.

What keeps you going?

For my work is knowing that the site is making life in Lagos more enjoyable for people by providing them with information and helping them discover new places, and for businesses it’s great to know I’m giving them a platform to reach out to people. For my family, just spending time with my husband and little boy gives me strength.

What is your baby’s name? Why did you give him/her the names?

My sons name is Gabriel. We wanted a name that was intercontinental, as my husband is Lebanese. But I love that it also crosses religions, so everyone recognizes that he is a little angel, which he is.

What is the difference between the way you were brought up and the way you will train your child?

I would like to think I will raise my son in the same way I was raised. My mother did an excellent job raising us. But I want to stay open minded and make sure that Gabriel is brought up to respect everyone around him. Morals are very important to me.

What is the weirdest/ funniest thing that has happened to you as a mum?

Although my son is only 4 months old, he has already had a few occasions of exploding out of his diaper and getting it all over me. I guess that is just part of being a mother!

What one thing do you think should never be missing from every home?

I think every home should have a place where the family gets together, whether around the dinning table or coffee table. For us we make sure that every night we eat around the table together.

What educational style works better? Montessori or traditional schooling?

I believe in the traditional way as I’m not very familiar with the Montessori Schooling. I believe in extracurricular activities to keep him active and not sitting in front of the tv.

What would you like your child(ren) to remember about you?

I’d like him to know that I’m hardworking and I don’t like to give-up on anything. I’m very motivated in everything I do, and always try to stay positive.

What scares you most about being a mother?

Everything! As a first time mother, every first is going to be scary and exhilarating at the same time. I always say to myself, that every mother had to go through the trials and tribulations the first time, no mother has experience at being a mother before their first child.

What is one advice you would give to single ladies contemplating marriage?

For me, marriage is the best thing that ever happened to me. I would say that you have to be sure that your partner is the one for you for life.

What lesson has marriage taught you?

The most important lessons are patience and compromise. I used to be very independent, travelled and lived in countries around the world, so being in one place with the same person was new to me, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What do you wish you had known about marriage?

There is nothing I wish I had known, because with every couple their relationship is different and unique, so if someone tells me something about marriage it may not apply to my future. I like having learnt everything about marriage together with my husband.

What is the most important skill that a Lagos mum needs?

I think to be creative is a good skill to have. You have to find ways to keep your family active, but unfortunately there are still few places for children compared to the UK, for example. Socializing with other mums is also a great way to learn more and keep yourself and child busy.

How do you relax as a family? Where is your favourite hangout?

As the founder of Lost in Lagos, relaxing is going out to a café or restaurant for a nice coffee or meal. We love to go for Sunday brunch, and taking my son with us now is part of the experience. We love to go to Bistro 7 for brunch.

What’s your philosophy of life?

My philosophy is to stay positive, everything will come to you if you’re positive and believe in what you’re doing. Patience goes hand in hand with positivity, so if you’re patient, you can stay positive.

Visit Lost In Lagos for a list of places to shop and eat and find events in the city!

Answer This Question: “Mummy, Shebi Jesus Use To Kill Somebody?”

October 16, 2012 in Featured by mayowa O.

Written By: Mayowa Ogundele

So it was a very sunny afternoon and I was walking over to a nearby pharmacy to get some drugs. I rarely get to take such walks and as opposed to enjoying it, I was taking really long strides as I was in a hurry to be done with the task at hand and then make my way to the bank in good time.

To make matters ratter unpleasurable, the Sun was really smiling! In fact, the Sun was smiling so much I had to shield my eyes with my hand while increasing my speed but this did not stop my ears from catching a question that had me bursting out in shameless laughter in the middle of the road.

As it happened, I was turning off a street into another and right there at the corner, a lady was tying a little boy’s shoe laces who was particularly interested in seeing how the whole thing was being done. I really do not know what they had been discussing before my arrival to the scene but I couldn’t stifle my laughter when I heard the innocently and curiously-asked question, “Mummy, shebi Jesus use to kill somebody?”… Before the dear lady who I now believe to be the mother of the boy could answer the question, the boy added a follow up… “Or is Only Satan that kill somebody?”

And that’s when I started laughing!

In my mind I was trying to imagine the answer the mother (who was obviously on the spot) would give her curious son. Of course she would have to answer the question as correctly and as truthfully as possible.

Jesus, the Son of the Virgin Mary, has been called many names including a Lamb and a Lion and even more interestingly, the Consuming Fire… And so with these names at the back of my mind, I am still wondering what the mother’s response would have been as I didn’t wait to hear ‘Mummy’s’ reply.

So, how would you answer this question, “Mummy, shebi Jesus use to kill somebody?”…

6 Awesome Smartphone Apps for Baby Sleep

September 27, 2012 in Featured, Featured Parenting by mayowa O.

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Fact: being a parent has never been easy. It wasn’t easy thousands of years ago, and it isn’t easy today! Throughout history, babies have always been exhausting, and parents have always been exhausted.

But here’s some good news for those of us who are parenting in the twenty-first century: we have technology on our side! Our mothers and fathers didn’t have an entire virtual storefront packed full of apps to help them navigate the early days of parenthood, but guess what? We do. :)

Parents, there are literally hundreds of apps out there designed to make your life easier — everything from apps that will create your grocery list toapps that will direct you to the nearest baby-changing facility when you’re out and about.

Today, though, we’re going to focus on 6 apps that deal with our favorite topic — baby sleep! We know you’re all eager for your babies tosleep through the night and to take regular, scheduled naps. Is there an app for that?

Read on!

Baby Connect

There are many baby-tracking apps out there, but if you want the most comprehensive and most detailed (not to mention most popular) one, check out Baby Connect. With features that allow you to track feedings (breast, bottle, and solids), diaper changes, activities and milestones, and medicine, it’s truly a one-stop app for all things related to your baby.

And let’s not forget about tracking sleep. Baby Connect lets you track sleep cycles and then turns your information into graphs, helping you to spot trends and patterns. Truly helpful for those sleep-deprived parents who couldn’t for the life of them remember when baby took her last nap. (And hey, if you’re a “numbers nerd” like BSS reader Beth, turning your baby’s sleep information into beautiful graphs might just make you squeal with joy! ;) )

Baby Connect can be used on both Android and iPhones. For a more detailed analysis of all its features (including the ability to sync between multiple devices, like dad’s iPhone or babysitter’s iPad) check out this post. Author Jhenifer Pabillano gives several reviews — one when her baby is 6 weeks, another when baby is 2 months, and a final (more recent) review when her baby is 10 months.

White Noise Ambience

We’ve written a lot about the power of white noise to induce sleep. One of the best ways to counteract irritating background noises is to simply mask them with another, “whiter” noise.

Now, trust me when I say that if there are many baby-tracking apps floating around the internet, there are even more white noise apps. You have lots to choose from here! Our favorite, though, is one called White Noise Ambience which is availalble for iPhone. (For Android users there is this White Noise app, which is very similar).

The White Noise Ambience Lite version is free and offers 12 sounds options, like Thunderstorm, Ocean Waves, and Sprinkler (we think that one sounds fun!) The paid version, however, offers a whopping 50 ambient sounds. Your baby’s bound to like one of those, right? Both versions allow you to set timers and to create sound playlists (in case your baby has a few favorites.)

Another reason we love this app: the fantastic story behind it. It was developed Matthew Nitfield, a bleary-eyed father of twins who found that certain sounds helped his daughters fall asleep faster. Read more hereabout how his sleep deprivation sparked him to create one of the most popular white noise apps on the web.

(An aside: we have to mention another white noise app we think is very, very cool. It’s called Sound Sleeper, and it’s available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Its “listen” feature is what sets it apart: when the phone “hears” your baby cry, it automatically starts playing one of the white noise tracks.)

Baby Lullaby Apps

Nothing beats you softly crooning lullabies into your little one’s ear. But let’s face it — if little one requires you to perform encore after encore, you’ll eventually reach your limit! Enter a lullaby app. These apps come with lovely pre-recorded lullabies that will enchant and soothe your baby long after your own voice has given out.

We love the adorable Lullabies and Teddies appfor the iPhone; it comes with 21 lullabies along with a variety of cute “plushies” for baby to look at. And the best part — you can set the lullabies to play for as long as you want! Win!! Android users can download the Lullaby for Baby app to get a similar range of songs and features.

Baby Shusher

Ever “shushed” a baby to sleep? I have. And I’ll bet those of you who read even a little bit of The Happiest Baby on the Block have tried it, too! Contrary to appearances, shushing isn’t a desperate attempt by parents to get a baby to stop crying; the rhythmic shushing noise actually re-creates a womb sound that young babies find comforting (and sleep-inducing.)

Here’s the catch, though — you may have to shush for quite awhile before it begins to affect your baby. And you have to shush LOUDLY, over the sound of your baby’s crying. And that can make for some painful, hoarse shushing after awhile.

Thank goodness for the Baby Shusher app (available for use on both Android and iPhones). Not only does the app create the rhythmic shushing noise your newborn needs to relax; it also comes with a timer feature (you can shush for hours) and a sound equalizer (when your baby gets louder, so does the shush.) Fancy!

Don’t believe shushing can work? Watch this video of an actual mom using the Baby Shusher app with her crying baby. Let’s just say that the results are pretty amazing.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors offer a great way for parents to hear (and even see) their babies without having to constantly hover over the crib. But it would be nice to have a more portable option than a traditional baby monitor, especially for those times you’re away from home.

Turns out there’s an app for that! This Baby Monitor app for the iPhone is an excellent portable choice. Simply place the phone near baby and you can program it to call you (on another phone, obviously) when baby begins crying. You can even use the iPhone’s Facetime feature to turn this into a video monitor. Android users can download this similar Baby Monitor app.

This definitely won’t replace a traditional baby monitor (and it certainly won’t replace good parental supervision!), but for those times when you’re traveling and a baby monitor simply isn’t a practical option, this app will prove useful.


Confession: this app won’t do a blessed thing to make your baby sleep better. But it can make things a little nicer for you. :) If you’re a tired parent (and many our readers usually are), you know all about those long, middle-of-the-night marathons of sleeplessness, right? The feedings that feel like they’re taking forever, the endless rocking, the insomnia that kicks in right after you’ve finally gotten baby to drift of…

Those hours of sleeplessness can be a little easier to bear when you have something to do. And the Flipboard app (available for bothAndroid and iPhone/iPad) offers just that. Flipboard is a social news magazine; it allow you to import feeds from all your social media sites as well as content from online magazines and niche blogs (like this one! Shameless plug!!)

Not only does Flipboard put everything you want to read in one place, it lays it out in a gorgeous, graphic, magazine-type spread. It’s truly lovely to look at.

Complete Our List!

This most definitely isn’t a comprehensive list; there are way too many baby apps out there for one blogger to review! So we’re counting on you, our trusty readers, to help us add to this post. Have you used any of these apps? Give us your thoughts! Any apps you wish we’d included? Mention them below.

We want your input! Give us your thoughts on these apps, and be sure to mention any you think we should’ve included.

Don’t want to hang all your sleep-related hopes on an app? Check outMastering Naps and Schedules, a comprehensive guide to napping routines, nap transitions, and all the other important “how-to” of good baby sleep. With over 40 sample sleep schedules and planning worksheets,Mastering Naps and Schedules is a hands-on tool ideal for any parenting style. For those persistent nighttime struggles, check out The 3 Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep (for babies) or The 5 Step System to Better Toddler Sleep (for toddlers). Using the same unique approach and practical tools for success, this e-book helps you and your baby sleep through the night. Or, join our Members Area packed with exclusive content and resources: e-Books, assessments, detailed case studies, expert advice, peer support, and teleseminars. It actually costs less to join than buying products separately! For those looking for a more customized solution for your unique situation with support along the way, please consider one-on-one baby and toddler sleep consultations. Sometimes it’s not that you can’t make a sleep plan; sometimes you’re just close to the situation or too tired to!




Now That The HEAT Is On! Here Are Useful Hot Weather Tips

September 26, 2012 in Featured, Featured General, General by mayowa O.

After much rain… the regular cloudy atmosphere has given way for the Sunny light! Just like we love it… Although, we can not say the same for the intense heat we experience when we are not in the safety of our air-conditioned homes, offices and cars.

So it’s time to remind ourselves of those oh-so-important tips for those times we pray that the skies would become cloudy and let down some rain to cool the Sun’s temper.

As the heat of summer settles around us, it is important to avoid overexposure to the sun and heat. Because of their less mature bodies, children are especially sensitive to the effects of the heat. Here are some tips for keeping cool this summer.

  • Use fans or air conditioning to keep indoor air moving.
  • Arrange outdoor play for before 10:00 a.m. and after 2:00 p.m. to avoid the worst sun of the day.
  • Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored clothing. Encourage children to wear lightweight hats when they are in the sun. This practice is especially important for children with fair hair and very light skin.
  • Always apply sunscreen before going out. Check the label to be sure the sunscreen provides adequate protection and will not wear off quickly in water. There is no such thing as a “healthy tan.” Using sunscreen to avoid a tan will lessen the risk of developing skin cancer later in life.
  • Provide a lot of water. It is easy to lose fluids in the heat. Offer the children something to drink frequently throughout the day. A few ounces every 20 minutes is better than large amounts taken at infrequent intervals.
  • Provide shaded areas for outdoor play during hot sunny days. When temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit, children should not be involved in strenuous outdoor play for long periods of time.

With reasonable precautions, you and the children will probably withstand the heat fairly well. But it is also important to be alert for the warning signs of heatstroke and heat exhaustion.

Heatstroke, which can be fatal, comes on rather suddenly. Warning signs include headache, weakness, and sudden loss of consciousness. Victims of heatstroke usually don’t sweat much. Their pulses are very rapid and their skin is hot and dry. They also have extremely high body temperatures.

Heatstroke victims should be cooled off as quickly as possible by wrapping or immersing them in ice or cold water. After taking these emergency measures, take victims to the hospital immediately.

Heat exhaustion is a less serious but much more common condition. Warning signs include excessive urination, gradual weakness, nausea, anxiety or agitation, and excessive sweating. Unlike heatstroke, heat exhaustion causes pale, clammy skin, and a weak, slow pulse. Victims of heat exhaustion often feel faint or disoriented.

The best thing to do for victims of heat exhaustion is to have them take it easy for a while. Find them a shady spot or an air-conditioned building to sit or lie down in. Give them a few ounces of cool water every few minutes.

Heat cramps may also accompany heat exhaustion. They occur because the body has lost salt through heavy sweating. Typically, heat cramps occur first in the hands and feet. Water or foods that contain salt will usually relieve heat cramps quickly.

High humidity, overexertion, poor ventilation, and heavy clothing can all contribute to heat-related illness. Dehydration, diarr0hea, age, and chronic illness can also make individuals more susceptible to these conditions. As you approach a summer of “fun in the sun,” be sure to protect the children and yourself from the effects of the heat


By the way, here’s a picture that made us laugh…



In that hot weather everybody even pigeons seek something cool.

Gèlè Tea!!! Using Fashion To Raise Awareness Of Alzheimer’s

September 26, 2012 in Featured, General by mayowa O.

Written by Puvana Sakthivel

THERE HAVE been several fashion shows of late with African inspired theme but Gèlè Tea, the haute couture afternoon tea and fashion show organised to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s in black, Asian and minority ethnic communities has suddenly arrived.

Gèlè Tea hit the mark bringing together top gèlè stylists Lara Extravaganza, Juliet Esiri, Bolanle Okusanya Feyita and Juliet Osodi who were matched with award winning couture designers Adebayo Jones, Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah, who is designing a special collection for Porsche Nigeria, Mayfair couturier Clariscia Gill, and newcomer iJeve Designs who Fab magazine editor Sinem Bilen Onabanjo calls “a woman to watch.”

There was an air of expectation about Gèlè Tea from the beginning as attendees queued outside the Shakespeare Suite in the London Bridge Hotel to have their gèlès (headwraps) styled.

Gele is made from a stretch of fabric which Gèlè stylists work to create beautifully structured pieces that mirror haute couture.


Model Siobhan Ridguard in the Lobho, the showpiece gèlè by Juliet Esiri

The models were exquisite as they strutted around reminding us of Hollywood vintage glam worn by the likes of Grace Kelly, who exuded suaveness and sophistication (she popularised head scarves) and Diahann Carroll. Today, we look to Beyoncé who could have worn many of the outfits shown.

The designers took inspiration from contemporary Africa, mixing old with new. The bold palettes of red, royal blue, grey, orange and silvers used by Kosibah, Gill and iJeve designs were contrasted with the heavy gold embroidery and richness of Adebayo Jones and stunning make up by Facequizite, Juliet Osodi and Faces of Bodin. But it’s all about the Gèlès.


The butterfly collection by Bolanle Okusanya Feyita, paired with designs by Clariscia Gill was a revelation. They were exotic and colourful giving the models a unique sense of gracefulness.

Juliet Esiri in the avant garde section shows why she is earmarked as one who pushes boundaries. The stunning “Lobho”, a black veiled Gèlè was so high it scraped the ceiling and left guests in awe, while gèlès under the Posh (Kosibah) and Classic (Adebayo Jones) banners also rocked the house.
There was also admiration for the ‘Sinem’ Gèlè by Juliet Osodi.

IN FINE STYLE: The make-up and Gele stylists

The Kosibah collection is particularly memorable for the jewellry designed exclusively for Gele Tea by Jodelyn of London – bold, sophisticated and wearable by night and day.


Guests enjoyed a champagne reception and were served with a delicious afternoon tea – a tower of sandwiches, warm scones and mouthwatering French pastries.

Hosts Adebayo Jones and Esther Alade treated the audience to many firsts: Gèlè cake from Panari Cakes, gèlè shoe clips from Dionne Gooding, jewellry by Dapri Jewels, live sketching by Tonderai and the launch of ‘Memories (Gèlè song) by singer songwriter Lánre, the first song about Alzheimer’s in the black community and the theme for Gèlè Tea that is certain to become a hit.
Significantly, all the ladies wore headwear as a mark of respect to the lady who inspired Gèlè Tea and many danced in her honour with 73-year-old model Mrs Disu.

IN FINE STYLE: The make-up and Gele stylists

Gèlè Tea founder Yinka Sunmonu said: “The feedback has been tremendous and guests say we need a bigger venue next year. I’m just happy knowing that Gèlè Tea is contributing to dementia awareness and promoting gèlè as couture and I thank everyone who supports me.”

With World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21, Gèlè Tea is showing how to target so called “hard to reach” groups gèlèciously.

Walk That Talk! Raise Your Voice Against Domestic Violence…..LWTZE

September 18, 2012 in Events, Featured, Lagos by mayowa O.

LWTZE Concept led by revered TV personality Olayinka ‘Yeancah’ Adamu would be taking her ‘War against domestic violence‘ project to the streets of the Lagos, Nigeria. Come on the 13th of October, supporters and advocates against Domestic violence would flock the streets of Lagos Island metropolis. The walk would kick off from Adetokunbo Ademola DEUCES at 10am where celebrities, activists, advocates and concerned Nigerians would step out to bring to the consciousness of Nigerians, West Africans and the world the evil in the existent violence at home either inflicted on children, women and men.

Olayinka ‘Yeancah’ Adamu is one of the pioneering VJ and ambassador for the pan-Africa music channel – Soundcity TV and director of LWTZE (Lady with the Zoom Effect) Concept, a Registered Limited Liability Company that is into Events Management and Brand Promotions. The Company believes in giving back to the society by empowering and motivating young Women and giving them a chance to rub minds with the older women so they can hear their stories, learn from their mistakes and in turn, learn how to become better citizens of the country and the World over.

Mrs. Olayinka Adamu (nee Dosunmu) popularly known as Yeancah has lived most of her adult life on Television literally. She is a renowned TV Personality. Born Olayinka Dosunmu in the mid 80s, She started out making a mark in the modeling Industry as face of a handful of Products from Nestle, Chelsea dry gin to the now defunct Mtel Nigeria.

Yeancah is an Industrial Relations graduate from the University of Lagos and she is most renowned for her job as Soundcity’s leading Female TV Presenter where she hosts and produces an array of TV Programmes like City Divas, Chat Room, Red Carpet Special and the authoritative countdown show – Top 10 Nigeria.

She has carved a niche for herself with her hip, urban and vibrant persona on TV. She has interviewed several A list Celebrities and several prominent people in and outside the Entertainment Industry including Akon, Lloyd – President of Coca Cola, Sisqo and a host of others.

She has been on tour around Africa with artistes, Most notable was with P Square as well as working on the red carpet for big brands like Cocacola, Gordon Sparks, Smirnoff Ice, MTN to mention a few. Before her present job as producer and presenter with Soundcity/Spice TV, She was an actress taking part in a weekly TV Series that aired on Silverbird Television.

Yeancah is a role model to many, a wife and mother of a daughter.

Details of the ‘War against Domestic Violence – the walk’ and future project would be shared on Twitter via @lwtze and blog via:http://lwtze.blogspot.com.