10 Really Necessary Toys For A 2-5-year-old Child

Your kid was going crazy about toy fire trucks… but a month later he craves a pistol and building blocks!

How to please your little one? How to make your child the happiest on Earth? Listen to our advice; it may help you to make a very difficult choice!

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10 really necessary toys for a 2-5-year-old child


These are the most useful toys! Books help develop imagination and abstract thinking without the help of toys. By reading books to your child, you develop his or her vocabulary and speech.

10 really necessary toys for a 2-5-year-old child

A doll or a teddy bear

“Animated” toys are necessary – they develop imagination and teach your child to communicate with others. Even boys have to play with dolls, because this will help them to better adapt to society.

Dolls and little animals should be used for development of domestic skills: potty training, dressing, undressing, feeding.

10 really necessary toys for a 2-5-year-old child

Educational toys

Buy them in advance and offer to your little one from time to time. If the baby does not want to play with some toy, put it away for a while and offer later.


10 really necessary toys for a 2-5-year-old child

Building blocks

They develop three-dimensional thinking, imagination, fine motor skills, the sense of symmetry, math skills and aesthetic perception of the world.

10 really necessary toys for a 2-5-year-old child

Sets for role-playing games

Role playing helps kids to understand their place in the society. Let your little one feel like an adult: buy him or her some dishes, an iron, toy phone, a set of tools, medical instruments, etc.

10 really necessary toys for a 2-5-year-old child

Small toys

These toys are necessary for the development of fine motor skills. Beads, nuts, screws, buttons, “Kinder” toys are all useful, but you have to make sure that your child does not try to swallow them!

10 really necessary toys for a 2-5-year-old child

Any child needs at least one of these, because:

  • Your kid will play with it for a long time – up to 8 years at least
  • He or she will be truly delighted with it as it’s the first encounter with technology!
  • It will teach the child to distinguish between right and left, up and down, faster and slower
  • Flying toys develop spatial thinking of a toddler.


10 really necessary toys for a 2-5-year-old child

Paints, crayons or modeling clay

These things develop motor skills, imagination, abstract thinking. Any kid has to draw since it’s a great psychological discharge!

Military Toys

Contrary to the belief that the war games make children aggressive, psychologists say that natural inner aggression should be timely let out.

Military toys are perfectly suited for this!

Toys for the outdoor use

Scoops, sand molds, trucks, buckets, snow shovels, a sled, balls, chalk – all of this is necessary for long and exciting walks. The benefits for the health and development are quite obvious. Make sure that you play with your child enough!

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