5 Summer Activities For Your Children

The summer holiday is here and children everywhere are excited to put away their pencils and backpacks. Parents might be wondering how to keep children busy over the long holidays. There are many activities that you can engage your children in that will keep them entertained and learning over the summer holiday.

5 Summer activities for your children
  1. Skill Acquisition: you can enroll your child in Art, Music or Dance classes. Choose an area in which your child displays interest. Ask your children what new skill they would love to acquire, or whether they would like to hone their existing skills over the holiday. If your children seem interested, do not hesitate to sign them up for lessons. It’s a great way to remain engaged and to meet others who share the same interest. Exposing children to new experiences over the summer can improve their learning capabilities.
  2. Cooking and Baking: If your children are interested, let them join you in cooking or baking. Once a week, plan a cooking day. Involve your children in the process from the beginning – let them choose from a selection of recipes that you have the ingredients for. Let your children read from the recipe book and step by step, help them to work through the instructions. You might just be awakening the #foodie in your child like Chef Fregz! summer activities
  3. Give Them Responsibility: Children love to act like adults, which means they enjoy taking on responsibilities. Young children can find pleasure in even the most basic chores, such as sweeping, dusting, tidying toys and more. Though interest in simple chores may fade as a child grows, such responsibilities are important to a child’s early development. You can come up with a chart or timetable for some additional responsibilities this summer. Getting them to help with the family business is one way they can get involved.
  4. Reading: One of the easiest way to keep a child’s brain active is to encourage reading. Have your children set aside half an hour to an hour to read each day. While educational books are best, any good book that actually gets the child to read can work wonders on a child’s brain. If the child is a little older, have him/her write a short book report after completing this reading. This furthers the benefits of reading by encouraging reading comprehension and writing skill development. You can make the report fun by allowing your children to be creative with it. We came across this list of books a child should read before they are 12. 
  5. Summer School: It’s been proven that summer school helps children to be better prepared for the next school season. Children who enroll in summer school, usually have an edge over those who didn’t. Visit the summer camp guide here, where you can find a variety of summer school camps that you can enroll your children for.

So parents, just because schools are closed for the summer, doesn’t mean your child’s learning should take a vacation.

What are some other summer activities you have planned for your children?

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