Are You Raising Tired Children?

Have you looked at your children’s schedules recently? When school is in session, they seem to be busy morning till night: from getting ready for school; getting back from school through the traffic; doing assignments; preparing for extra-lessons; then to the dance lessons or basketball training. During holidays, they are no less busy; they are moving from one summer camp to another show. Many of them seem to have tougher routines than their parents.

At the end of it all they are tired; your own pocket is emptier and a childhood is likely gone, rushed, not experienced. This is just my observation but seriously! There seems to be a lot going for children these days, I start to think: where is the time to be a child? You know that time when you just enjoy the bliss of idleness?

tired child

Yes, I know it is important to bring up children mature and responsible. And yes, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, goes the saying. But hey where is childhood, where is what the child wants to do? Where are the days of playing in the sand? Those days of staring into nothingness and dreaming of non-existent worlds? Most times these timetables are forced. You see the children, grumpy as they are dragged to the piano classes by the house helps. Where is the child’s power of choice?

Oh yes, we want to build a good future for them but sure not by running through today, not by being a spectator in their own lives. Who knows, he or she may just want to lounge around, may just be a loner, may just enjoy only their own company? It is also important to bring up children who are comfortable in their “aloneness” not just those who are happy just by being surrounded by people or things.  What happens when those things are gone? They become weak!

I think it is important to let children be children. Many of us of the older generation (now that’s subjective!) grew up before our time and we regret the results. There are many over-grown children out there. You will be shocked. It’s like an 11-year old niece saying: I miss my youth! What youth? My only suggestion is, maybe she had a first life. Or maybe, she is beginning to feel that she’s taking responsibilities she is too young for. And yes, there are young girls out there responsible for their siblings.

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A part of me also thinks that many times, it is the parents assuming that keeping these children busy would substitute their own absence. Oh no! Wrong! Bonding time with your child will not be replaced by the timetable, not today, not in days to come. Listen up: the news is, the more you let them go; the easier they move away from you. You will likely wake up one day and realise you just grew apart. These events, these activities, may be a good excuse to spend that special time with them, the question is: how many parents are available for that?

Does this “busyness” have any side effect on children? Maybe.  There are suggestions that this pressure leads to tiredness, and may be one of the reasons for the increased bed wetting among children.

Quick questions: is it really necessary? This excessive over load of activities for children these days? Amidst these busy schedules, how do you stay in touch with your children?

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