Attend The Tenth UK Boarding School Exhibition!

If like many families living in West Africa you are considering a UK boarding school for your children, there is no better place to start than the UK Boarding School Exhibition. The Tenth UK Boarding School Exhibition, organised by Mark Brooks Education, in association with Anderson Education, will provide an opportunity for families to meet with heads and senior representatives of over 20 leading UK boarding schools.

UK Boarding School Exhibition

Parents will be able to discover what the schools have to offer. They’ll also hear about the opportunities available, ask what boarding life is like and discuss subject options and career development. The Anderson Education and Mark Brooks Education consultants are available to talk to you, offer help and advice and guide you through the process

The FREE exhibition will take place at The Wheatbaker Hotel; (4 Onitolo/Lawrence Road, Ikoyi, Lagos) on Saturday 16th March from 11:00 – 16:00 and on Sunday 17th March from 11:00 to 15:00.

According to Mark Brooks, “This is a great opportunity to receive advice and guidance from educational consultants.  I would encourage parents not to miss this opportunity to explore their children’s future.”

Below are a few benefits of a UK Boarding School to your child

A UK boarding school education ensures students gain good qualifications, confidence, independence and a breadth of interests; a true education for life!

The environment of a UK Boarding School is motivating, nurturing and caring. It aims to give each child opportunities to develop their personal talents fully. It will also help them achieve their academic potential. 

One of the key features of boarding school life is the wide range of activities and experiences, which gives boarders the opportunity to develop skills and interests beyond the academic curriculum; these life skills and interests contribute to career development.

UK Boarding School

At boarding school you are living in a community; you make friends for life, whatever part of the world they come from. Sports and hobbies, dance, drama, music, art, public speaking, aerobics, philosophy, pottery, gymnastics and much more are all on offer at most boarding schools.

Life in a boarding school is excellent preparation for university and employment. It provides many of the non-academic skills that employers are looking for. You are encouraged to participate in team events and there are opportunities to be elected into a position of responsibility; such as Rugby Captain, Boarding House Captain, Prefect, school representative and many more.

“The most creative thing you will do in your life is to raise your child; the most important investment will be in their education” Peter Clague, Headmaster of Bromsgrove.

UK Boarding School

In a rapidly changing and uncertain world, it is essential to provide children with the best start in their lives.

So, while school fees are a significant investment, the return for you and your children are for life.

For more information, contact: Anderson Education +44 (0) 1474 815450, email –  [email protected] or Mark Brooks Education +44 (0) 7905 332614, email – [email protected] . You can also visit the official website here

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