The Baby Lounge Summer Camp

Summer school started Monday July 11th. 8 full weeks of fun and engagement for the kids. Each new week involves a new activity. – Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided. – Extended hours covered; 7am to 7pm. 10% sibling discount available. – Register for 4 weeks and get one week free!



Week 1- Kids will have fun while learning science & engineering concepts using Lego bricks. at bricks4kidz Nigeria.

Week 2- This starts Monday 18th July 2016, with Fruit Art with Sora tulip will keep the kids entertained and creatively inspired through fruit crafting and arrangements. 

Week 3Kids are instructed on manners and etiquette through creative, fun and engaging activities.

Week 4 Kids will have creative fun while acquiring needlecraft skills with. They will learn while making various items through knitting, crotchet and embroidery.

Week 5 The kids will have even more fun while learning science & engineering concepts using Lego bricks.

Week 6The kids will have hands-on fun learning about fruits and vegetables, gardening and healthy eating with Veggy Fruity .We’ll pot, design planters, mix soil, plant seeds, make popsicle juice, water the seeds daily, transplant flowers and much more.

Week 7The kids will be encouraged to read for fun with a focus on elocution, enunciation, self-confidence and vocabulary.

Week 8, the final week of will involve activities geared towards preparing the kids for school. We will have one on one tutoring on various subjects, school work revision, mental maths and much more.

Hurry and enroll child now! Call 08120796722.

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