BabyCakes — trying to have a baby

Diary of Babycakes

“Sex is fun,” they told me. It was prohibited before marriage…it was like the apple in the Garden of Eden. My OH (Other Half) and I had to pray to God for self control and meet in public places and faced the fact that we indeed did not have self control if we so much as spent 5 minutes alone together.

So here we are suddenly thrust together, alone after saying our vows…the fun began. It stayed fun till we decided we were ready for a baby. Now its just work! Schedules, reminders, legs raised up, temperatures and what-not to ensure we time it right to get pregnant! My poor OH probably feels like he’s a factory.

I was under the impression that when I was ready to have a baby, I would have a frigging baby! That if a man touched me, I would bear twins. What’s all this I’m hearing all of a sudden?

1)It can take a while

2)Sometimes more than a year

3)Sometimes even more than that!

WHO can I sue?

I would also like to return mine and OH’s reproductive system and exchange it for a new version. Maybe that will help.

So anyway, welcome to BabyCakes’ World as I recount all about trying to produce spawn. I’ll update weekly and throw in the odd scream every now and then.



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