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Belle Meade School, Lekki
No 3, Sesan Awoniki, Bakare Estate, Agungi/Ajiran, Lekki, Lagos
Lekki Phase 1
09021119909 08023151299
Early Education
Day School

Belle Meade school is a crèche, playgroup and nursery school located at no 3, Sesan Awoniki street, Bakare estate, Agungi/Ajiran area of Lekki in Lagos state.

We are committed and dedicated to ensuring that children that come to our school enjoy their time with us. Our mission is to create a happy, secure and stimulating environment where learning is fun and easy, a place for every member of the school community to thrive, grow in confidence and develop their full potential.


Why we are different

We have a brand new facility, with more rooms for learning and creativity. We provide educational activities and materials, supported teaching directed to each child’s individual needs. We have included in our curriculum our STEM program for early years’ ages 3yrs to 5years. Allowing the children at an early age to explore, discover, think, research, and start their journey into the world of science which will introduce them to the how and why of the different aspects of nature, human body, animals, technology, and numbers.

We are not just teaching, we are building future innovators, tech professionals, scientists, creative thinkers and leaders that will shape their generation with their inventions, and solutions in the world of technology.



Fresh made meals. Nutritious, freshly made meals are available every day and served to our children. All meals are prepared in our kitchen, and children learn table manners and etiquette as they eat together, helping picky eaters participate in meal times.

Library. This is where our children can use their imagination, learn new words and enrich their vocabulary. Children are welcome to enter in to a new world as they read books and tell stories.

ICT Room. When we say we are developing young innovators and tech gurus, we mean every word, our ICT room is equipped with necessary educational materials to assist our young minds learn early skills that will assist them through primary and secondary.

After school program. We provide after school care for children both in house and children from other schools. We are located in a neighbourhood close to many homes and therefore allow for easy drop off and pick up.

Mother’s day out.  Are you a nursing mother, business woman, or home maker? Do you wish you could drop your kids off for a day or two in a week to attend that meeting or program, or to quickly get to a client or to get to the market and cook for the week? Well, you can now drop your kids at our school while you do the needful as we have our mother’s day out program 2 to 3 times every week for mothers or dads who need this service.

Parents as partners

From the moment you enrol your child with us you become a member of our team. We are happy to work with parents as we join hands together to care for the children. Daily reports are sent out, parents are welcome to get involved in our extra-curricular activities, our “read along” story time program, and other events for family and friends of Belle Meade school.



Early childhood care and education


-Communication and language

-Physical development

-social, personal and emotional development



Understanding of the world

Expressive arts and design

We have added our STEM program for early years

Mission. Our mission is to create a happy, secure and stimulating environment where learning is fun and easy; a place for every member of the school community to thrive, grow in confidence and develop their full potential.

Vision. To be the premier school of learning, known for excellence in teaching, service and child education.

The Foreshore School Ikoyi
Plot 2, Block 6, Acacia Drive, Osborne Foreshore Estate (Phase 2), Ikoyi, Lagos
Primary School
Early Education, British
Day School, School Bus, Other (please note in description)

Are you looking for a school in Lagos that meets the various needs of your child?

The Foreshore School

The Foreshore School is Preschool and Primary school in Ikoyi, Lagos which is committed to providing a fun-filled, rewarding programme that balances each child’s intellectual, physical, social, creative and emotional needs.

The Foreshore school is an accredited International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) provider. The IPC is the world leader in early childhood education and its curriculum is outcome-based, with learning areas such as numbers, size and measurement, shapes, colours, phonics, reading preparation, motor and social development, listening and speaking.

Our primary school offers the British National Curriculum (Key Stages 1 and 2), which provides a broad and balanced curriculum which raises achievement and improves outcomes for children.

Subjects taught under this curriculum include English Language, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Physical Education, Geography, History, Music, Art & Design and French.


The school is located at Plot 2, Block 6, Acacia Drive, Osborne Foreshore Estate (Phase 2), Ikoyi, Lagos.