Canon Academy Juniors

Canon Academy Juniors brings a delightful experience to kids and teenagers by fueling their interest to learn more about photography skills. Their creativity and love for their cameras will be developed with our professionally certified trainers.

Spark your child’s creativity

Canon Central and North Africa are collaborating with LagosMums to launch Canon Academy Juniors in Lagos, Nigeria.

Through the Canon Academy Juniors, your child will join a small learning group of just 10 students to foster a new hobby. The classes will include plenty of hands-on experience using Canon cameras. All classes are taught by our professionally certified trainers.

What will your child learn?

Canon Academy Juniors will run tailored classes suitable for your child’s needs where they will learn a myriad of photography skills. In addition to honing their interest in photography skills, they will do this also whilst fueling their interest in the creative arts.

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Kids (8-12 years of age)   

Introduction to photography
Focus & close up
Landscape & Framing
Portrait & people
Abstracts, Colour,  Patterns & Texture
Visual storytelling

Teen’s (13-16 years of age)   

Introduction to photography
Using the Camera & it’s modes
Making great photos & composition
Exposure triangle
Visual storytelling

What are the benefits for your child?

Foster a new hobby and passion
Creative thinking
Tips and techniques of photography
Hands-on experience with digital cameras
Exclusive camera offers

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Cycle 2 Program Details

Canon Academy Juniors (Kids: 8-12 years old) and Canon Academy Juniors (Teens: 13-16 years old)

The Schedule will hold as follows:

Class Commences: Saturday, 19th June 2021
Venue: Ikeja 

* Note there are additional cycles holding in July and August. Learn more and register here 

Junior Academy LagosMums and Canon

Canon digital cameras will be on hand throughout the Canon Academy Juniors training sessions, but why not excel your child’s learning so they can practice in between with their own camera. Canon Academy Juniors has a variety of special offers to be redeemed upon registering your child onto a Canon Academy Juniors cycle.

Find out more about Canon products and where to buy here:

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