4 Things Schools Should Ban

Schools are meant to educate and train children, referring to the creches, playgroups, nursery, primary and secondary schools. To help through these early years of instruction, there are things schools should ban. By the time children get to Senior secondary and University the children are formed and are adults. Schools and parents work as a …

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School Success / child's curiosity

School Success Starts Early

Regardless of a child’s scholastic abilities, parents can show him or her how to get along with teachers. Before your kids start school, give them a powerful advantage over other children by teaching them the following practical, easy–to–learn skills: Tip 1: Smile and say “hello” to your teacher everyday. Kids who greet their teachers with …

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Introducing Genii Games

Àsà (meaning culture in Yoruba) is a brand that includes a collection of mobile applications that run on Smartphones (iPhones, Samsung S Series etc) and tablets (iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, BlackBerry Playbook etc). These apps come enhanced with features as games, colourful illustrations, voice, sound and animation, all packaged within cultural contexts to appeal to …

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LagosMums Debate: Mixed Schools vs. Single Sex Schools?

There are different schools of thoughts when this topic is discussed. Each side with their own reason. Mixed schools can be seen as necessary for the interaction between children of both sexes. Pro-mixed school people are quick to say that is good for balance. That it helps the children develop well. The strongest opposition to this …

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The Positive Influence of Being Involved in your Child’s Education

It has been shown many times over in research studies that a parent who is involved in their child’s education has a positive impact. It’s reflected in improved grades and test scores, strong attendance, a higher rate of homework completion, higher graduation rates, improved attitudes and behaviors in the child, as well as the child …

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PASSJAMB.COM.NG, a website dedicated to helping students prepare for UTME/JAMB examination. This solution provides students with a friendly and easy to use online interface, where they can practice effectively for the examination. The exam which has over the years recorded abysmal performance of Nigerian students with high growing rate of failure is generally feared. The …


10 Benefits of your Child Playing Musical Instruments

There are many benefits to playing a musical instrument that go beyond improving hand-eye coordination and instilling a sense of responsibility in your child. Some other benefits include doing better in school, increasing attention span and having fun playing familiar songs for an audience of family and friends. It can also improve a child’s ability …

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