Causes Of Cardiovascular Diseases

The term ‘heart disease’ must not be confused with ‘cardiovascular diseases’. Heart diseases cover is like a broad umbrella covering all the terms or diseases which are associated with the heart while cardiovascular diseases include only some of the diseases related to the heart.

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Cardiovascular diseases are considered as the number one cause of death around the globe. Hence, the concern towards the disease, its causes, and treatments is increasing day by day. The causes of cardiovascular diseases are many and they might overlap for many diseases and so might the treatments.

Causes of Cardiovascular Diseases:

The cardiovascular system involves the whole circulatory system of the body and hence, the heart being such a vital organ is something that cannot be neglected and its health must not be compromised upon. There is a huge variety of cardiovascular diseases and so, their causes differ too.

Below are some of the causes of cardiovascular diseases:
1- Diabetes.

Many people are unaware of this, but diabetes can cause cardiovascular diseases. Obesity has been linked to cardiovascular diseases for a long time and so is obesity with diabetes type-ll. Moreover, the diabetic conditions might also suffer from damaged blood vessels which tends to account for the cause of cardiovascular diseases and risks. 

There are many online cardiovascular calculators developed by medical experts like ASCVD, Heart Rate etc. You can find all of these calculators on website.

The solution is simple. You need to be indulged in activities that help balance your diabetic condition. If an individual continues to be careless towards the situation, the risks of developing the disease might show an increase.

2- Bad cholesterol.

You might have commonly heard about how bad cholesterol results in causing cardiovascular diseases. To know your blood cholesterol level, you need to perform the test. If the test indicates that your cholesterol level has exceeded beyond a limit, then this is a sure indication that your body contains LDL or bad cholesterol which accounts for causing cardiovascular diseases.

High level of cholesterol results in the narrowing of arteries, which causes a disruption in the oxygen supply to the heart and also to the brain. You need to alter your diet and include exercise into your routine to help you get rid of the bad cholesterol in the body.

3- Depression:

A very important factor which needs to be discussed is depression. Depression which is highly related to mental health also leads to harmful effects on physical health. Feeling of isolation is also a big factor which contributes to it.

4- Polycystic ovaries.

PCOs is a condition which is very common in women nowadays. Recent researches have proved that PCOs increase the risks of hypertension, strokes along with the other heart diseases. This is a condition which must not be neglected as it involves other risk factors along with it.

5- Atherosclerosis:

This is a condition which occurs when the fatty substance of the body is accumulated or gathered up in the arteries resulting in disruptions of the blood circulatory system and causing cardiovascular diseases. The stoppage in the blood supply is not normal and might even result in causing damage to a part of the heart.

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