Debate Wednesdays: Social Media and the Family

“Arising largely from failure in some aspects of the society as well as the decline in imbibing certain values, the interest and the habit of reading, acquisition of books and the development of other skills has dwindled drastically among students. Many students are being negatively influenced by peer group pressure, social media such as TV, Facebook, Twitter, BBM, etc. while parents are busy with other things without adequate attention to the moral, social, religious and academic needs of their children. Many students in turn have a warped philosophy of what life is all about, and have lost the willpower to shun nefarious activities like thugery, cultism, truancy, robbery, etc.”

This is an extract from a lecture delivered by Dr. Mrs. Sarah Omotunde Alade, Deputy Governor (Economic Policy), Central Bank of Nigeria at the Bowen University Iwo recently.

Every generation has its own distraction. Really is it true that social media is having huge negative effects on children? What can parents do to help their children with coping with the swooping tides of social media? What do you think? Share your thoughts!

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