Discount on Coaching Sessions with The Catalyst

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The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola has partnered with LagosMums and is offering discount on coaching sessions. Africa’s première Life coach is offering a special 50% off discount for LagosMums who want coaching sessions. Coaching helps you to be all you can be and will also set you up for a fantastic 2016.

The offers available are either 50% off  one-on-one coaching session or a package which provides you with a bundle of 3 hours of coaching with The Catalyst. There are limited slots available for this offer, to sign up for a session do email [email protected] and text “LagosMums” to 0807-707-7000 with your request.

For more information you can email [email protected]

Coaching with The Catalyst image4 The Catalyst Coaching

Visit Lanre Olusola’s newly launched website for more information and to take a free personality test.

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