Family Friendly Things to do this Weekend, April 17th – 18th

TGIF Parents!! Are you wondering what you can do with the family this weekend? Below are some events you should attend this weekend April 17th – 18th. You will also find a list of creative, fun, and healthy activities that you can engage in with your kids. Families who are active together, get healthy together. Do ensure to maintain safe distancing and use of protective masks in any physical event you might want to partake of. Enjoy!

Future Technology

april 17th This is an ideal event for the youths in the family. This is a gathering of innovative people and also in attendance will be CEO of startups and seasoned software developers. Moneta Hub’s Future Technology Meetup is organized with the aim of providing an intensive forum; where young and innovative participants can share their research knowledge and also ideas.

This event is holding today, April 16th, from 4PM; at Gabriel Akinmade Plaza, 2, Allen Ave., Ikeja, Lagos. Register HERE

Building an Unstoppable Income

april 17thThis is an amazing money making venture for the family. Tonoit Money Community is hosting a seminar that will teach on the abundance of money making opportunities online; however only those with the right and proven tools and strategies will be positioned for consistent income online. This is a free event for members of the family to trade and also make money themselves.

This event is taking place on Saturday, April 17th, from 11AM-1PM; at Infinite Grace Plaza, Plot 4 Oyetubo Street, Ikeja, Lagos. Register HERE

Support Group

This event is a supportive one for members of the family. It is a support group that allows room for the convergent of individuals with like minds; to enjoy the liberty to experience a warm level of relaxation. The opportunities to express themselves, share their innermost desires, their troubles and difficulties; and also other issues pertinent to them in their day to day lives. This is the first of its kind and in summary, it is a once-in-month (Saturday) meeting of people; with similar ideas, pain, like mind, that come together to share and care for each other. Also featuring care and share network, discussions (curriculum and topic Based); extracurricular activities, social and community activities, boot camps, games, and more.

This event holds every Saturday from April 17th, at No 7, Seidu Ajibowu Street, Ikeja Lagos, at time 2 PM(WAT). For more details and registration, click HERE

Healthy Buffet

April 10th

This is an healthy and delicious event for the family this weekend. Quiet Pools presents healthy meals & beverages at affordable rates to celebrate their homely haven with clients, friends, family and the community. Come with the family to enjoy an all you can eat healthy serving of fruits to start the week. Also note that COVID-19 regulations will be strictly followed.

This event holds on Sunday, 17th April from 9AM-1PM; at Boet Est., 2A, Richard Adejumo Close, off Odegbami Close, Adeniyi Jones Ave. Ikeja. Register HERE

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