Family Friendly Things To Do This Weekend December 16th and 17th in Lagos

Hello Mums, dads, kids are you wondering what to do this weekend December 16th and 17th in Lagos? The holiday excitement is in the air with one week left before Christmas. Here are a list of some events holding this weekend.

kien and friends Musical Concert

Kien and Friends presents the 5th edition of its Annual Classical Music Concert. The concert is a platform which gives children the opportunity to showcase their talent in classical music featuring a variety of professional violin, piano, cello and saxophone single pieces as well as a couple of duets along with an orchestral ensemble by primary school kids; ages ranging from three to twelve .
Venue : AGIP Hall Muson center

Date : Sunday 17th December 2017
Time : 3pm

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Nigerian Child Performer

fiesta of flavours Dec 16 & 17 2017

fiesta of flavours kid's corner

Our Fiesta Chefs are READY!!??? @chefemeka

Come and enjoy an exceptional culinary experience at #Fiestaofflavours2017

for the love of our families

Abimbola has over the years developed a voice through her blog: bimbofamilyaffairs and public speaking for the advocacy of the family unit in which good parenting and well-grounded children are essential.

She believes that if everyone can take responsibility for their family, the society will be the better for it, hence the ‘Agbajowo’ series.  The ‘Yorubas’ are known for their wise and pithy sayings, one of which says “Agbajowo la fi n soya” (you cannot thump your chest in pride with just one of your fingers, you need all of your fingers to do that).

We need a sense of ‘collective responsibility’ to raise children we can be proud of, ‘our collective hands –Agbajowo’ coming together to fulfill the noble task of raising our children as Family is the bed-rock of the Society.

Kidpreneur Fair

Protect kids Online

What is it about LagosMums? Being a Mum means that you are many things at the same time…


Online Safety Masterclass