Family Friendly Things To Do This Weekend June 12th – 14th

Thank God it’s Friday and Happy Democracy Day!! Are you wondering what you can do with the children this weekend? Below are some online events you should attend this weekend June 12th – 14th. You will also find a list of creative, fun and healthy activities that you can engage in with your kids. Families who are active together, get healthy together. Enjoy!

Parenting For The Future Webinar

Olakunle Soriyan Lagosmums parenting webinar | June 13th

Date: Friday June 12th   |  Time: 7pm   |  Location: Webinar, sign up here

If you have ever heard Olakunle Soriyan speak then you know you are in for a real shaking and redefining of what it means to be parenting for the future and to raise a global citizen. The future is here.

This webinar is only for parents who are forward thinking and focused on raising children for the future. Our children are being raised in a truly borderless world and as such it is critical that they are relevant globally.

This edition of LagosMums parenting webinar is holding on Friday June 12th at 6pm WAT. The webinar will be hosted by #YettyWilliams and our guest is Mr. Olakunle Soriyan, futurist, global influence and relevance strategist. To reserve a spot while registration is open for FREE, sign up here

Book Soiree with Jumoke Adenowo

Book soirée with Mrs Olajumoke Adenowo | June 13th

Date: June 13th 2020   |  Time: 10am  |  Location: Online

Have you signed up? This saturday June 13th 2020 at 10am we are holding an online book soiree with the fabulous Jumoke Adenowo . If you have read the book Beyond My Dreams then you know what an amazing book it is.

The book had me hooked! By the time i finished it, i woke up the next day missing my favourite character! Can you guess who my favourite character was?  If you want to join us then do the following; Buy the book from (you get an automatic invitation), Fill the form at to get an invitation.

Get ready to discuss everything! Relationships, faith, love, friendship, career, loss, goals and so much more! Looking forward to seeing you online on Saturday!

Family Friendly Activities For The Weekend

1. Go for a bike ride.

Get your family together for a bike ride and pedal around your neighbourhood. Riding bicycle is a great way for your family to spend time together and you also get a feel of your terrain, sights, and smells.

June 12th

2. Go for a run

Running is a great form of physical activity that the whole family can get involved in. It helps to develop cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. It can also improve bone strength, body image and enhance mood. So get your comfy shoes and get running!

3. Hold a jump-rope or skipping competition.

This is an activity that’s fun and good for your family, it will help kids build bone strength and adults build cardiovascular endurance and works the hips, abs, thighs and other muscles. Get your rope, join in and reap the benefits!

4. Take a Walk

Looking for a great way to get everyone moving or sneak workouts into fun activities Sometimes just going for a walk as a family can be a great way to spend time together, enjoy the beautiful scenery and get some exercise. It also offers you a chance to make special memories together.

Choose an alluring , non crowded place for your walk and make conversations as you head there. All you will be needing are your feet and comfy shoes!

5.  Reminisce on old times

Reminiscing about old times like talking about past events such as family vacation or favourite childhood memory over the dinner can bring the family closer. You can take a look back through your family photos to see what fun your family has already experienced together and watch your kids face break into a smile. It could be a funny toddler picture of one of your kids. In case you don’t have any photos organized, here is tip; enjoy making an album together. They are treasures to look back on!

6. Learn Nigeria’s history!

It’s democracy weekend, there’s no better time to learn the good, bad and ugly history about the country than now. You can discuss why the Nigeria’s democracy day is on June 12. You can also transfer your love for your Nigerian roots to your children – love for the people, the diversity, the various cultures and tribes living together.

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For more family friendly active things you can do together, you can check the full list compiled by Dano. We need to encourage physical activities and movement because they need it to practice their motor skills, strengthen their heart, lungs, and muscles and keep obesity at bay. See 5 ways to keep kids physically active at home during a lock down. Enjoy your weekend.

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