Family Friendly Things To Do This Weekend June 27th and 28th

The weekend is here again. While we are all still cautious of how we move around, the places we go to and the things we do, we still want to have fun together as a family. Here is our compilation of fun things to do this weekend. These are family friendly things to do at home for the whole family.

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1. Catch up on your favorite Tv shows

With ample time on your hands now, you finally get the chance to catch up on Tv shows you may have missed before the pandemic began. Sit in with the children and watch reruns of past Tv programs you all enjoy as a family.

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2. Make fun Tiktok videos

Making family videos never gets old, no matter how old the kids get. Download the Tiktok app and start making your own videos.

Join a video trend with the family, make exciting and fun videos that you can always come back to watch later in the future.

things to do this weekend

3. Write a book with your children

While we are all at home, it is a great time to get to know some things about our children that we may never have noticed before. Another family friendly thing to do this weekend is writing a book with the children. Write about the new phases that you are just newly experiencing. You can also decide to ask the children to write sections of the book based on their individual characters. It will be a fun way to bond and talk about life issues with them.

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4. Make a list of places you want to visit after the pandemic

Pull out your pens and papers! Let everyone write out a list of places they have always longed to visit. As a family, make lists of top places that you want to visit but have never really gotten the opportunity to .Compile the lists and come up with a general family list of places that is budget friendly and feasible.

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5. Home School

Create a learning environment for children at home. As schools are yet to open, online learning has become the next best option for children, teachers and parents. Try to plan their day in line with their online learning schedule. Treat every school day as though it were a regular school day where the children actually go to school. Allow them break time, assist with class work, assignments, etc. Let them feel like they are actually at school!

things to do this weekend

Have a fun weekend!

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