September 11th

Family Friendly Things To Do This Weekend March 5th – 6th

TGIF Parents!! Are you wondering what you can do with the family this weekend? Below are some events you should attend this weekend March 5th – 6th. You will also find a list of creative, fun and healthy activities that you can engage in with your kids. Families who are active together, get healthy together. Do ensure to maintain safe distancing and use of protective masks in any physical event you might want to partake of. Enjoy!

Camp On The Beach

march 5th

This is a wonderful event to attend with the family this weekend. Camp on the beach is an event hosted by Jimspeco travel hub; where families and individuals come to camp at a beach place, where they can relax and have fun. There are loads of fun activities to enjoy, such as camping, burnfire, board games, yoga, music, and lots more. Sign up with the family and have a memorable weekend.

The event is taking place on Saturday, 6th March at Ajah, Lagos, LA 2341, at 6PM. Register at an affordable price HERE.

WAXD’ELLE Launcher Program

march 5th

This is a great online event for the women in the family; it is all about empowering women to launch their startups in confidence alone or as a team. This event is hosted by Waxdale to empower women; introduce this event to mothers and daughters in the home so they can have all it takes to build an amazing business.

This is an online event, and it is holding everyday from March 5th over the next couple of weeks, at a fixed time of 6PM – 7PM(WAT). Register for free HERE and select a date!

Sip and Paint

march 5th

This is another relaxing event to enjoy with the family this weekend; it is one of the most exciting things to do this weekend, where people come in to make art and mingle. Just the event states, there is wine to go round with art supplies and art instructors to for a fun painting exercise for the family.

This event holds everyday from March 5th over the next couple of weeks, at No78A, Younis Bashorun Street, VI, Lagos; at a fixed time of  4PM – 6PM(WAT). Register at an affordable price HERE and select a date!

Andromagik Support Group

This event is a supportive one for members of the family. It is a support group that allows room for the convergent of individuals with like minds to enjoy the liberty to experience a warm level of relaxation, the opportunities to express themselves, share their innermost desires, their troubles and difficulties, and other issues pertinent to them in their day to day lives. This is the first of it’s kind and in summary, it is a once in a month (Saturday) meeting of people with similar ideas, pain, like mind, that come together to share and care for each other. Featuring care and share network, discussions (curriculum and topic Based), extracurricular activities, social and community activities, boot camps, games, and more.

This event holds every Saturday from March 6th, at No 7, Seidu Ajibowu Street, Ikeja Lagos, at time 2 PM(WAT). For more details and registration, click HERE

See 5 ways to keep kids physically active at home during a lockdown. Enjoy your weekend.

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