Five Reasons Your Child Should be part of mPulse Spelling Bee Competition

As students return to school after the long stay at home, MTN is adding something fun and exciting for the kids, parents, teachers and schools.

Now there is more reason for your 9 -15 year olds to spend more time online with an activity to create a lasting impact. So, relax as we present to you five reasons your child should be a part of MTN’s mPulse Spelling Bee for Nigerian student

  • Improves your child’s language skills: Engaging in spelling competitions play a key role in a child’s language development. It helps in expressing better writing and communicating ideas. So, imagine the benefit your child gets once he or she participates. Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t want your child to miss that, right?
  • Develops your child’s mental capacity: One great thing a spelling bee competition does for your child is that it helps stretch their mental capacity. Children practically learn to correctly spell various words from diverse backgrounds to be the best. But guess what? Your child gets to have an improved mental capacity at the end of it all.
  • Virtually enabled: In a period where everyone is trying to navigate through the outbreak of COVID-19, we are definitely sure you would not want your child to attend a crowded event. Do not fret; MTN Nigeria has decided to have a virtual spelling bee competition for students anyway in Nigeria. This enables you to become a winner just from the comfort of your home!
  • Mouth-watering prizes: Imagine your child becoming a millionaire by just winning the ultimate prize of two million naira from a spelling-bee competition. I can bet that as a parent, you would definitely feel on top of the world, right?  To give yourself the chance to experience this unique state of ecstasy, you just need to allow your child be a part of this event. There are lots of prizes for the top 20 participating students. These includes scholarship grants laptops, mPulse goody bags, and smartphones. So, watch out folks!
  • Teachers and schools also get to win: There is a popular saying that teachers reward is in heaven. Well, while that may not be wrong, MTN through its virtual spelling bee competition plans to change that ideology by rewarding the teachers and the school of the winning student here on earth.

So, what are you waiting for people? Log on to for your child to be part of the virtual mpulse spelling bee competition. MTN spelling bee is powered by mPulse Delight Promotion.