Government Postpones School Resumption In Nigeria Till October 13th

The Government has announced that “All primary and secondary schools, both public and private are to remain closed until Monday October 13, 2014 which is the new school resumption date for all schools throughout the Federation”.  

Ebola prepping for lockdownAnnouncing the shift in resumption date in Abuja, Minister of Education, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, said the decision became necessary in view of the risk posed by the Ebola virus which could easily spread through schools. This closure is also to affect all Summer programs who are required to suspend their programs. The Minister said the change in the resumption date was also to enable the Federal and state governments, as well as school authorities put in place adequate preventive measures before the pupils returned to school. 

In addition it is required that at least two (2) staff in each school, both public and private, are trained by appropriate health workers on how to handle any suspected case of Ebola and also embark on immediate sensitization of all teaching and non-teaching staff in all schools on preventive measures. This training of staff must be concluded not later than September 15, 2014.

There are mixed reactions to this and of course the biggest question being how to engage children at home for this long. All focus should be on the curtailment of the virus and protecting our children. As the Minister mentioned, imagine a school with over 600 students that reports a suspected case.. No one wants to have to deal with that exposure.

It might be helpful for schools to provide learning material for children at home while they await their new resumption date of October 13th.

Source: Vanguard News


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