A gripping & brand new series ‘Prisoners of Love’ on DStv

The gripping story line of Yolanda, an attractive and intelligent recluse who in prison becomes the mistress of one of the biggest drug traffickers in the country – Benedictino Garcia alias El Centauro.

Thanks to her relationship with El Centauro she gains the respect of all and privileges no one else has within the prison. Over time, the relationship between Yolanda and El Centauro gets very strong. When they cannot be together, he sends letters where he tells her how much he misses her.

One day, the jail alarms awaken the inmates. El Centauro has escaped and his escape leaves Yolanda in a very bad position, as authorities believe she knows the whereabouts of her lover.

Stay connected to DStv and follow Yolanda’s story in this brand new telenovela ‘Prisoners of Love’ showing Mondays – Fridays at 8:00pm on Telemundo, DStv Channel 118


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