Highlights From The Biggest Online Parenting Consciousness Conference

The biggest Online Parenting Consciousness Conference held from the 15th – 18th of February 2019. There were 28 experts from across the globe talking and teaching about all aspects of parenting; no matter what parenting stage!

The experts in child psychology, brain science, child development, neurology, and emotional intelligence; talked about positive ways to raise happy, well-adjusted kids. They shared time-tested and research-tested wisdom. See feedback from a parent on one of our Instagram posts below.

Parenting Consciousness Conference

If you missed the summit, you can still get the all-access recordings by buying here. The conference was hosted by Kidskintha, See highlights below

Track 1
Parenting Consciousness Conference

On the first day, Leeza Steindorf who is an Organizational Transformation Specialist, Success Coach and Author of ‘Connected Parent, Empowered Child’; shared Five keys to raising happy, confident, responsible kids.

Erik Fisher, a Psychologist, Family Coach, ‘Genius of Play’ Expert, Author of the “The Art of Empowered Parenting; The Manual You Wish Your Kids Came With” talked about different ways of Harnessing the ‘Power of Play’ to create a critical parent-child connection. He emphasized the importance of parents creating time to play with their children.

Tracy Cutchlow Journalist, Editor, Speaker, ‘Language of Listening’ Coach and Best-Selling Author of ‘Zero to Five’; talked about the need for parents to respect their children. He shared practical ways to make kids feel seen and heard.

Bonnie Harris Counsellor, Parent Educator and Author of ‘When Your Kids Push Your Buttons’; shared How to parent with composure even when your kids know how to push your buttons. It’s common knowledge that kids tend to do the exact opposite of what you ask them to do. This can easily frustrate parents who don’t need that extra pressure. He shared tips on how parents can handle this type of issues with composure. He also shared tips to help children stop exhibiting such a negative attitude to instructions.

Track 2

Parenting Consciousness Conference

In this track, the speakers talked about different ways to beat parent-overwhelm. It’s easy for parents to get overwhelmed because there’s so much to do and think about. Are the kids healthy? Are they getting enough nutrients? Is something affecting them? Is that friend a good influence? Am I making the best decisions for my child? Then you’re thinking about your personal job and your relationship with your partner. All of this can become overwhelming but what are the things you can do to help you handle it?

Laura Vanderkam – Time management expert, TED Speaker, Author of ‘Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done’; taught parents how to manage the 168 hours in your week to pave way for guilt-free parenting.

Madeleine Davis -Author of ‘A Stress-Free Family- From Chaos to Calm’ in only 28 days.’ shared Her 5 Step Formula for A Stress-free Family.

Maureen Walsh Lake – Health Expert, Special Educator and Author of “Being Happy, Raising Happy;’ empowered parents through radical acceptance and tools for raising spirited children.

Track 3

Parenting Consciousness Conference

In the third track, the speakers shared different ways to raise children with self-awareness.

Christopher Willard – Health Expert, Special Educator and Author of “Being Happy, Raising Happy’ empowered parents through radical acceptance. He also shared tips on raising spirited children.

Roopa Pai – Children’s book author, Author of ‘ The Gita For Children’ shared different ways to help children develop great work ethics and manage expectations from everything in their life.

Rebecca Bowen – School Counsellor, Founder: ‘The Emotional Wellness Project’ and Author of ‘My incredible talking body: Learning to be calm’ shared How to teach kids to take back control in stressful situations.

Amy Lang – Childhood Sexuality expert, parent educator and Author of “Bees+Birds+Your Kids” gave parents advice on How to have ‘The Talk’ with your kids: Childhood sexuality and body awareness without the awkwardness. A lot of parents find it difficult to have this conversation with their children even though they know the importance. This is why she shared simple but practical ways that parents can do this without feeling awkward.

Track 4

In the 4th track, the speakers focused on how parents can Make sense Of Their Children’s Rapidly Changing Bodies And Minds. Parents usually have certain concerns about the different stages of growth and development of their child.

Dennis Coates, Creator of award-winning online adult assessment and learning systems and Author of “How Your Teen Can Grow A Smarter Brain taught parents How to harness the crucial window of massive brain change in adolescents to raise remarkable humans.

Annalise Cordell, Child and adolescent psychotherapist, Interpersonal Neurobiologist and Clinical Director at The Center For Connection talked about How to build coping mechanisms for unprocessed and frightening big feelings through a child’s changing years.

Letha Marchetti Occupational Therapist, Author of ‘Dragons & Daisies: Keys to Resolve Baffling Behaviour in Early Childhood Education’ also shared tips oj How to spot and make sense of baffling behaviour in children early on.

Track 5

In the 5th track, the speakers focused on how to raise children who are ready for the future. Kiran Bi Sethi Education Activist, Founder of ‘Design for Change’ curriculum used by 250 000 children across 22 countries spoke about How to raise children to be leaders by helping them connect with their communities and work on real-life problems.

Kevin Roberts, ADHD Expert, BBC Radio ‘Top 5’ Guest and Author of ” Get Off That Game Now! The Essential Family Guide to Healthy Screen Behavior” shared tips on How to help parents and kids get away from the vice grip of digital addiction.

Catherine Coode, Data Privacy Professional, Online Reputation Management Expert, Tech Blogger and Founder of ‘Binary Tattoo’; taught parents How to teach kids to manage their 21st Century alter egos: their digital identities. Our children are digital natives. It is up to us to help them navigate the digital world. We also need to teach them to have the right digital footprint.

Michael Sharpe, Founder of Acute By Design, a publishing house focused on diversity for children talked about the importance of culture. He taught parents How to use the gift of literature to help children recognize shrinking borders and embrace diversity in culture, race and religion.

Track 6

Parenting Consciousness Conference

In the 6th track, the speakers talked about how to raise strong and resilient children. Diane Marooney Psychiatric Mental Health Coach, Author & Founder of “The Imagine Project” taught A simple, yet powerful award-winning 7-step process for kids to work through trauma and stress and create new possibilities.

Sheryll Kraizer  Internationally acclaimed expert on child well-being and safety, Forensic Expert, Author of “10 Days To a Bully-Proof Child” shared Strategies to build confidence in kids and combat bullying effectively.

Swati Popat Vyas, Early School Educator, Founder & Chairman – Podar Jumbo Kids and President of Early Childhood Association India shared tips on How to recognize signs of stress and create an environment( At home and in school) to combat it.

Dr Mark Bertin – Development and Behavioral Paediatrics Specialist, Author of ‘How Children Thrive’; also shared tips on Teaching children how to bounce back from adversity

Track 7

Eric Endlich, Psychologist, Founder of Top College Consultants, Writer/Editor, Autism Expert taught parents How to help teens prepare for college and find their dream school

Ritika Subhash, Educator, Children’s book writer, Director at Mangahigh, an adaptive platform for Maths Learning shared How to motivate children into academic success by beating anxiety and stress

Surinder Sharma, Co-founder and CEO at Smart Kidz Club, a digital learning hub for children talked about How to equip kids with the skills required for the changing face of education.

Douglas Haddad, Award-winning middle-school teacher, best-selling author of “The Ultimate Guide to Raising Teens and Tweens: Strategies for Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential” taught  (minus the nagging.)

Bonus talk

Holly Elisa Bruno JD, Emotional Intelligence Leadership Expert, Radio Host, NAEYC Best-selling; Award-winning author of ‘ What You Need to Lead: Emotional Intelligence in Practice;’ taught parents how to Triumph over your triggers, confidence-drainers and adult meltdowns. On Neuroscience, he also shared informed parent practices to maintain dignity and humor no matter what.

Chakradahri Rowe, Personal Security Architect, VIP/Close Protection Expert, Founder of Armored Spirit; shared Techniques and Strategies To Build Security Awareness In Kids, esp. in Public Spaces

It was an enlightening conference. Parents left armed with practical tips and lessons on how to navigate and slay their parenting. If you missed the summit, you can purchase the all-access pass here.

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