How to breast-feed in Public and still be Private

Imagine you go for a walk in the park with your tiny bundle of joy. It’s probably a cool afternoon and everyone wants to get fresh air in their lungs. So the park is a bit busy than usual. Then, all of a sudden, baby needs breast!

This is what i call a sticky situation but it’s part of the joys of motherhood. So here are a few tips for that awkward moment when your baby needs feeding in public and there’s no car for you to hide in.

  • Wear a nursing bra or tank — they have clever flaps and latches you can open with one hand. You can also throw a cute cardi or button-down blouse over a regular top to keep your middle covered when you lift your shirt to nurse. You can also use a nursing cover.

Build Your Confidence

  • Practice nursing in front of a mirror, both seated and standing (many fussy babies will latch only if Mom is on her feet). You’ll get an idea of what passersby will see and can make tweaks if you’re giving a peep show.

Note Baby’s Feed-Me Cues

  • Does she turn her head from side to side or put her hand to her mouth? She probably has the munchies. You’ll want to nurse before her crying spirals. If you wait until she’s wailing, getting her to latch may be tough.

Position Yourself for Privacy

  • Find a low-traffic zone, and use your stroller as a barrier to keep people at bay. Once settled, hold Baby in the crook of your arm and bring her close to you, then undo your nursing top and bra, or pull up your shirt.

Have a Stress-Free Latch-Off

  • Hold Baby’s head close to you so she’s blocking your breast, then fasten your bra and pull your shirt down. Switching breasts? Position your shirt as if you’re closing up shop, reposition Baby, and start feeding.

Nursing Notes

  • Place a burp cloth over your arm during feedings to provide a quick cover-up in case Baby pulls away or lifts your shirt.
  • Nursing your baby in a sling is another comfy way to keep yourself covered.

You may still get stares, but simply meet Ms. Nosy’s eyes and reciprocate with a friendly, self-assured smile.

culled from American Baby magazine.

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