Recipe – How To Make Watermelon Slushy

Undeniably, the heat in the past couple of days has been unbearable! With high temperatures ranging between 34 to 40 degrees! This watermelon slushy recipe is a great way to stay cool and hydrated. This is another way to enjoy your watermelon instead of eating them directly!

Watermelon slushy
Watermelon Slushy! Photo Source: Watch What You Eat

So why not beat the heat by making this quick and easy watermelon slush drink. No need to add any sugar and the whole family can enjoy this healthy summer drink. It is something fun to do with the kids too!

Watermelon slushy


— 1/4 of a huge seedless watermelon (about 4 cups)

— 2 cup of carbonated water or plain water

— Fresh mint leaves

— 2 Tbsp cup sweetener of choice (optional)


1. Cut watermelon into cubes and transfer into a freezer bag.

2. Freeze till rock solid (up to 6hrs or overnight)

3. Blend frozen watermelon, water, fresh mint leaves, lime juice, water and sweetener until it purees.

4. Pour the slushy into drinking glasses and enjoy your delicious watermelon slushy!

Note: Use lemon slices, fresh mint springs or watermelon slices to garnish the final drink🍹

Source: My Diaspora Kitchen

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