How To Raise Children For Their Path In Life

Are your children treading on the right path specifically meant for them? The generation of parents today are really striving towards being better parents than past generations. But, we still make some of the biggest mistakes unknowingly ourselves; they include-

1. We risk too little.

2. We rage & rescue too quickly.

3. We reward too easily.

Children for their path

We Risk Too Little!

As parents, one of our major obligation; is to ensure that our children are safe from things that are likely to hurt them. But, in a bid to do this, most parents tend to prevent their children from taking any risk at all.

They try to prevent even normal childhood occurances like; bruising their knees and falling, or from doing childish and silly things that children do and learn from.

We Rage & Rescue Too Quickly!

Most Parents today are so quick to come to their child’s aid; such as negotiating their kids bad grades with the teachers, helping them to their homework without even teaching the child. Fighting for them in situations where they are at fault.

As parents, we need to let our children grow up and do things for themselves. Yes, we all want the self esteem of our kids to be awesome. But, what we must realize is that; we don’t build self esteem by affirmation alone. Therefore, they will need to accomplish something worthwhile by themselves. This is called ‘Affirmation & Accomplishment’.

We Should Learn To Reward Appropriately.

When we reward them for doing just the simple basic things, they might loose their sense of appreciation.

Parents should collaborate with the schools and teachers; to ensure that together they are building strong men and women

“We must conciously prepare our children for the path; instead of the path for the children” – Tim Elmore.

There are basically two major types of leaders. And, everyone of us naturally fits into one of them: The Habitual Leader and The Situational Leader.

The Habitual Leader:

The habitual leaders are natural born leaders. They lead out of habit and function well in almost any situation. Habitual leaders are probably only about 10/15% of the population.

The Situational Leader

Situational leaders on the other hand; makes up the other larger 80% of people. They do not really consider themselves as great leaders and they only function better in whatever matches their passions, goals, strengths and their gifts. They believe they are only great at one direction only.

This Situational traits can also be found in children as well. For example; A child might first appear shy and withdrawn from other kids and school activities. But, once they discover the football team or whatever it is that ignites their interest, then boom! They come alive 😃.

Therefore, as parents, caregivers, educators and even employers; we all need to help this next generation find their ‘situation’. The moment we do this, we will discover that there is actually a leader inside everyone of us and in our children alike.

Children for their path

Parents should be constantly asking themselves how they are shaping the moral compass of their children, developing their ethical behaviour and promoting credible leadership. Do their children know what they stand for as a family? Do they know what they stand for in their personal capacity?

Not everyone will necessarily be at the topmost sphere of affairs, but; when these children are able to find a place where they function perfectly and effectively, they will be able to manifest their fullest potentials.

This should be every Parents desire for their kids; helping them discover their pathway in life.

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