iProtect™ Practice Enhancement Certificate Courses (iPECC) And iProtect™ Advance & Certification Course(iPACC)

iProtect™ Practice Enhancement Certificate Courses (iPECC) And iProtect™ Advance & Certification Course(iPACC)



iProtect™ Practice Enhancement Certificate Course (iPECC)

This is an Enhancement program which details & benefits are clearly stated in the attached prospectus.

iProtect™ Advance  & Certification Course(iPACC)

This is a certification course, which grants graduated participants franchise to facilitate our programs, according to their areas of interest; either jointly with us or on their own platforms. Upon the completion of iPACC, a participant becomes our business partner, with whom we sign a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU).

The iPACC to which iPECC is a prerequisite provides the graduated participant with unusual business opportunities considering the following reasons:

  1.      Our programs under both courses are home-grown, unique and very relevant to the Total Childhood Management and Child Development for the precious African Child. Therefore same are in popular demand creating business opportunities for the graduated participants.
  2.      Participating in both programs gives the graduated participants an unusual opportunity to be part of the noble commitment to creating a safer Africa for the precious.

    Securing A Friendly & protective Environment™ for children, The
iPROTECT™ Approach
    Total Childhood Management & Child Development, The iPROTECT™
    Universal checklists for establishing, developing and
sustaining systems, policies& protocols for Securing A Friendly
& protective Environment™
    Simple Code of Conduct for primary & secondary caregivers
    Tested strategies for involving our precious children,
teenagers  and young people in their own protection
    Discussion Stimulating Scenarios™ (DSS)
    Participant Experience Sharing Session™ (PESS)
    Comprehensive training manuals serving as a  reference document
for Securing a Friendly & protective Environment™
    Five (5)days of class Engagement & Twenty (20)days of field
    Onsite training with Specific  international  Child focused
    Premium   iPROTECT™ Ambassador Membership
    Certificate Endorsed by international child focused
    Complimentary Twenty Five (25) days post-seminar consultation


All Saturday in November 2017, (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th) & Saturday 2, December 2017 for iPECC and the date for iPACC will come after the iPECC and it will be communicated to the participants.

VENUE: Lagos (Details will be communicated to the participants)


– Parents
– Administrators (School/NGO/Recreational Centers/Child Focused
Medical Facilities/Faith-based organization)
– School Staffs (Academic & non-Academic Staff)
– Teachers of Faith-Based Organization
– Pastors in charge of Children/ Teenage/Youth department
– Anyone who works with Child Focused Organizations
– Individuals who have the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD at heart

COST: Both programs cost ₦220,000 each but for a limited period, you can register for both for the fee of one provided that at the point of registration for iPECC you will pay the sum of 150,000 and balance of 70,000 will be paid upon iPACC registration.

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For Enquiries and Bookings
Please contact:
T: 08188273490, 08186830275
E: [email protected][email protected]
Twitter: TAACADEMY01
Instagram: TAACADEMY

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