Kellogg’s Celebrates SuperMoms During The Festive Season

Mothers and their children share a very special bond. Moms cannot be celebrated enough for the love and care they show their kids. There are many special moments that moms and their kids share in their personal spaces, like pure and undiluted compliments mothers often get from their kids.

Kellogg’s decided to wrap the year 2019 by celebrating SUPERMOMS, who out of love, constantly gave their best to their kids and rewarded them with amazing goody bags during the festive period through the #KelloggsSuperMom challenge. Kellogg’s challenged moms in a fun and exciting way by asking them to post a video of their kids saying why they think their mom is a #KelloggsSuperMom.

There were lots of amazing & creative entries from kids expressing pure gratitude to their moms across the most popular social media platforms in the #KelloggsSuperMom challenge, after which 6 winners were selected.

Below are the winning entries from the just concluded #KelloggsSuperMom challenge.


The campaign helped to strengthen the existing bond and relationship between mothers and their kids while it also created a platform that allowed the love story between mothers and their kids reach a wider audience. It also showcased how expressive kids can be as they put together beautiful words to celebrate their moms.

The campaign was significant for Kellogg’s brand because one of it’s core belief is that everyone deserves to have a great day and one of the best ways to start your day is with a bowl of Kellogg’s breakfast cereal, moms are at the centre of this because they go through all the hoops to ensure their kids and the whole family have that nutritious and filling breakfast to kickstart the day so they deserve to be celebrated for this, amongst the other many sacrifices they give. The campaign touched over 400k mothers and a lot of beautiful stories were shared by kids.

Being a supermom isn’t limited to wearing capes or saving the day but extends to making sure your kids get all the nutrition they need to kick start their day, especially with a delicious bowl of Kellogg’s breakfast cereal.

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