Konga Total Price Melt Down

Take advantage of the Konga Total Price meltdown and buy products for your home at incredible prices. Products from all categories are selling at unbelievable prices. Perhaps you need to upgrade and buy some new appliances for your home? what better time to seize the opportunity than now, it is nice to see lower prices for a change. We thought you might want to pick up some of these.


Situp Bench – Dumbell – Easy-Up Manual Treadmill – Masager Brand

The Situp Board makes workout more effective, as well as adds strength and tone to the entire abdominal section.with ample padding and heavy duty steel construction, our sit up board provides stability for simple exercises and is ideal for you to more easily emphasize lower abdominal muscles and build the abs you want in less time. giving you a rapid path to good health, physical fitness and the body  you really want.


World Elite 7kg Washing Machine TW60 – 452

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Premium quality World Elite washing machine, highly durable motor engine with heat protector device, easy to maintain, powered by mini generator, instant wardrobe through efficient washing and drying mechanism, with ecstatic finish.


Century Water Dispenser – CD 8533A

  • Water dispenser with fridge cabinet
  • Rust proof full stainless steel cold tank
  • High efficiency compressor cooling
  • Automatic constant temperature control
  • Hot, natural and cold water
  • Functional indicator light
  • Heating Power 500W
  • Cooling Power 90W


Polystar Split Air Condition 1HP + Free Installation kit – PV-09CS/BR


  • Polystar Pv-09cs/Br
  • Split Unit Airconditioner
  • 100% Anti-rust
  • Auto Protection
  • Chord Response
  • Strong Cool
  • 10 Hour Auto Power off
  • Auto Restart
  • High Efficient Internal Thread Copper
  • Easy Clean Panel  and Filter


Century Deep Freezer – 316L 8511-D1 Silver

  • 316L Capacity
  • Fully Tropicalised
  • Electronic Adjustable Thermostat
  • Fast Freezing Function
  • Interior LED Light
  • Lock and Key
  • Energy Saving Technology
  • Compressor Switch off Function
  • Cfc-free Foaming Agent
  • 2 Pieces of Removable Basket
  • Easy Cleaning Interior
  • Anti-rust Coated Body
  • Mobility enabled with roller wheels


Haier Thermocool Washing Machine – Front Load Automatic – 5KG

  • Wave Drum Technology
  • Intense Wash Cycle Option
  • Delicate Garment Protection
  • Extra Rinse Cycle Option
  • Quick Wash Programme
  • ABT Treated
  • Reserve Wash Programme


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