Lagosmums Friendship Giveaway

In the spirit of giving, we are giving out subscriptions to magazines, free books and tickets to the cinemas. There is just one rule—invite friends to Lagosmums; get them to sign up and write on your own profile page that you invited them. Then, start winning.

Invite 20 friends: Win a six month magazine subscription to Exceed Magazine, a magazine that focuses on career and work life balance (courtesy of Exceed Omni Media).

Invite 10 friends: Win a gift pack with books, (courtesy of Debonair Bookstores and Wordsmithy Media) and a set of  jewellery (courtesy of Toritshe H7).

Invite 5 friends: Win a free make-up session with Makeup Kolonie and a free movie ticket.

Winners will be announced next week Friday September 30. There are many consolation prizes up for grabs too.

NB. When you are done with the invitation and the friends have signed up on the website, make sure that your friends write on your wall, here on Lagosmums.

What are you waiting for? Start sending those invitations….

With the Support of:

Exceed Magazine, the magazine for young professionals









Debonair Bookstores: for your reading needs; books and magazines.



Makeup Kolonie: for make-up services for all occasions, training, consulting and make-up products.











Toritshe H7: bead makers, stylists and collector of fashion items you want to own.

Wordsmithy Media: Editors, Writers, Book Publicists





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