Lotus Tour Goes To Whispering Palms

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It’s Less than a Week till Lotus Tours goes to Whispering Palms. What are you still waiting for?

You’ve barely managed to have time for yourself all year long. Being a mum has been an amazing journey for you albeit not a stress free one. You’re constantly multitasking, even in your sleep. You are your kids’ best friend, yet you’re losing some of your friends from Way back because they are tired of all those reasons you give for cancelling on them at the last minute. They didn’t even bother inviting you to the last hangout.

Then again, your case might be different (we don’t need T. B second guessing anything). You might be the workaholic who finally takes a break this Christmas but between your family’s version of the #UNameitChallenge and your back-breaking time doing house hold chores, you’re wondering how you will have time to take stock of the year and plan for the new one.

Don’t even let us get started on the word that we can’t go a day without hearing – Recession! Whatever your case maybe, we’re sure you’ve felt it in someway or the other. Entrepreneurs we feel your pains. Between the rising costs of production and having to explain to your clients and customers that Naeto C’s 10/10 is only true in one regard – things are not the same!

‘Nuff said, like we said in the beginning –  We’ve got You!

Come chill and get fit with people from different fields as Lotus tours goes to Whispering Palms, Badagry. It’s amazing how the rising dollar has made us remember our wonderful heritage sites.

What should you expect on this Wellness focused tour? Apart from the comfortable Transportation we will be travelling in, there will be lots of Food, Drinks, Snacks and lots of gifts from our amazing sponsors! You will also have another opportunity (especially for those who have been slacking) to get fit with a top-notch Aerobics instructor. Some of our amazing sponsors include Team Fitness, SiltonAfrican Kitchen, Kamari Luxe, Taimeer ltd, Dominos Pizza, Posh Zone Photography among others.

Best part is, You’ll definitely meet new people! Check out all the details of the Lotus Tour:

Date: Monday, December 26th, 2016
Destination: Whispering Palms, Badagry
Take off Time: 8am
Fee: 7,500 Naira

We know you can’t believe how affordable it is, so here’s an account number to pay into – Travel Lotus Luxury Tours 0222882054, GTBank.

There are limited spaces as we want to give you the best experience possible from start to finish. So it’s best you start planning now, like right now.

Contact: Phone – 08031872636 or 08081833507 | Email [email protected] | Instagram @travelotus_ltd

See you There!

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