Family Friendly Mindful Things To Do This Weekend

The weekend is here again. While the weekend is here for us to relax and have fun together as a family, we need to be mindful, as certain activities could sever the ties we’re trying to create. Being mindful of the things we can do together to essentially strengthen the bond of family is important.

Family friendly

These will help inspire you and your family to live a loving, connected life. We will be sharing with you, mindful things that families do differently this weekend to stay connected.

Embrace Imperfection

Being perfect is an impossible task for an individual, talk more of a parent. We’re all human beings, and we tend to make mistakes here and there. We will say, think and do things which we wish we had not and cannot take back; but the most important thing to do as parents is to accept our imperfections, and try our best to better ourselves in the future.

As parents, we should not beat ourselves up over our mistakes and imperfections as this will cause a division in the family. Rather, we should possess a spirit of self-loving, self-compassion, and acceptance. This will also encourage our children to interact better with us and make them see us as better teachers and role models in the future.

Listen With Curiosity

After enduring a possibly stressful week full of work activities and being away from the house, parents are encouraged to listen to their partners and children. We are often distracted from family time, trying to catch up with things we’ve missed during the week; and this will create disconnections and misunderstandings within the family.

family friendly

We need to pause and listen more to each other, so as to further understand each other and grow as a family. Talking about the good and bad days, our experiences, struggles, and challenges will provide clarity and strengthen the bond of family.

Practice Appreciation And Gratitude

Being a parent is one of the most tasking jobs in the world, and this is overlooked even by people in the family. Feeling a sense of unrecognition can discourage us from our activities as parents; and even children tend to feel unappreciated with they are not lauded for their efforts at home.

Intentionally practicing being appreciative and expressing gratitude in those moments will uplift us as a family and encourage us to more and support each other. Acknowledging our children and partners, for helping out with small chores, being punctual, and so on; this will allow for cooperation and encourage a show of gratefulness in the family.

Practice Support And Generosity

Practicing support and sharing things of value such as time, love, money, or possessions as a family; grows positive influences and shows a positive impact in the family, community, and the world as a whole. Making donations, sharing a hug, sending a card out on occasion to distant family, and so on; these acts are imbibed by those around us especially our children, who watch us and model our behaviors.

family friendly

As it is said, ‘charity begins at home’, thus, these small or large acts of generosity and compassion will further strengthen our families and communities; keeping us engaged and wanting to do more.

Don’t Forget To Play And Have Fun

Raising children is an important job for any parents, and by taking this too seriously; we tend to forget the smaller things of life that we need to share with them and our partners. Having fun together as a family is something that is usually overlooked in most households today, as many focus on tasks in  and outside the home; thus making us the value in being together.

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Intentionally planning a fun day, such as in the weekends will allow for closer connections within the family. Having a pillow fight, playing board games, reading together, or watching funny animal videos together; will cultivate positive experiences in the family and connect us in new ways.

Families get off track all the time and sometimes threaten to cause an inharmony amongst loved ones. Practicing mindfulness together will grow understanding and teach us the ideal ways to connects as a family and a community.


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