Moj on the Move: Thatcher on the Wheels

Someone just asked me recently what it takes to drive in the city of Lagos. Ah! I breathe in and out before I try to answer that question. First of all, here in Lagos, does it look like the men want to see the women at the steering wheels (at any wheel s at all!)? They expect you to drive onto the highway and pamper your brakes and horns like soft melting balms and those feather light eye shadow pots. Excuse me, get behind that power automobile and ram the brakes. Just glide on, babe, no ‘dulling’ like someone I know would say.

But seriously and with apologies to our good men of course, I think they usually bring the ego thing to the road like you bring dinner to the table. Truly. Before you can get some men to give way on the road, then it is either he likes your face, or he noticed the kids seated behind you and must have considered that you will not become a hindrance to his speed. Men also say the same about women.

And the danfo bus driver and their accomplices [the conductors]? They hate, loathe, despise, detest, dislike….I can go on and on with the words to describe how these guys feel about women driving cars. Or may I ask is it vice versa? God help you if you have the misfortune to get hit by them. Hmmm….you are the woman now, so you are the one who doesn’t know how to drive. You didn’t even go to driving school. The car you are driving is definitely not your own if you are married, it is certainly belongs to your rich dad or your Sugar Daddy if you are single. Come to think of it, who even knows if they brought the license to you at home while you were busy watching Desperate Housewives! Yes now! You are the woman. The woman.

In this modern century, the men seem to be coming to terms with women in government, in boardrooms, in real estate, in business dynasties and so on, not only deliberating and making decisions but they have also come to stay. The same thinking should be applied to road use. The women have a right to own cars and drive cars. For God’s sake, it was a woman who drove the bus to safety in the block buster Speed.

Come on Ladies, strap on your seat belts and go, the roads are yours to take this forthcoming holidays, plan family picnics, reunion and other worthwhile gatherings, let your kids, friends and families know you have time to spare for them out of that busy schedule.

And drive carefully…no speed racing! Enjoy!

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