Network of Enterprising Women Nigeria holds networking and shopping experience

Business Partnership & Collaborations is the theme for our one day learning, networking and shopping experience taking place on Thursday Nov 23rd.

Partnerships/Collaborations are the way to go these days. While some have been majorly successful, many have not been so lucky. Most times, we get so carried away with our feelings for the partner in question and the euphoria of the moment, that we do not ask important questions and iron out the essential details.

The focus will be on the key issues to consider which will determine if a partnership will work – from necessity, compatibility tests to putting the new partnership agreement in writing. Doing this helps to define the relationship between all parties whose interactions, skills, feelings, and personalities will have a major effect on the success or failure of the business.

Join us! Attendance is free. Click the link here to register. For vendors/sponsors, call 08103195644.

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