World Grandparents Day – The Power Of Grandparents

Raising children is an interesting experience and while we are trying to figure it out, we should not forget the power of grandparents. Parenting does not really have a clear pathway, it has its twists and turns and sometimes you might say you really can’t say which way it would go.

However I’ve come to realize that there’s a resource many of us never really tap into; a resource that can be helpful and can in many ways tide us on the journey towards raising whole children who can stand on their own in this world we live in. This great resource is called “Grandparents.”


I hope it’s not groaning I hear because this is really important. I found out that involving grandparents in the lives of our children is healthy for you, your parents and your children. I can hear someone ask; Why? Let’s start with the children. As a parent, your child is a responsibility that you have which cannot be taken lightly. It’s a full time job and there are no breaks. You are always on the child’s case to make sure they turn out right. Time spent with grandparents spoil the children a little. In my own opinion, there’s a little spoiling that is needed for the proper development of every child; emphasis on the word “little’’. Grandparents are licensed individuals allowed to carry out that spoiling.

I don’t know about you but when my kids go over to their grandparents, it’s a very interesting experience. Everything is allowed, they are spared scolding and they are just given healthy doses of love which does a lot for their self-esteem. They know that grandpa or grandma will make everything right. On some occasions, even I, the mum have been reported to grandpa.

Secondly, it’s healthy for you. Why? It gives you a chance to rest. I love my children, I can’t imagine a life without them but sometimes, I need a well-deserved break. Grandparents give you an opportunity to do just that. Time away from home gives you time to carry out tasks you’ve been meaning to do, sleep well without waking up at night to check if anyone is alright. It gives you some bonding time with your husband. It just gives you a break. Now, I assure you, you’ll miss them. The last time my children were away, the house was so quiet. I’d call over and over again to be sure they were fine. I just had time on my hands, but I was able to rest, re strategize and plan for the future.

Lastly, you give the grandparents an opportunity to nurture children again. For most grandparents, their children are all grown and living outside the home. They have minimal say on how you run your life or the decisions you make. But giving them an opportunity in their grandchildren’s lives help them reconnect with you, remember fond memories and feel useful again. It is one great way to bond with you all over again.

This is a tribute to my children’s grandparents who have always been part of my children’s lives. They have given us support in more ways than we can count. Thank you four of you for contributing to the richness of my children’s lives.

Contributed by Sola Agudah

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