Pregnancy And The Coronavirus Pandemic

Pregnant women are concerned about the safety of their newborn; due to the coronavirus pandemic. During this period, pregnant women should take the right precautions to prevent infection. Pregnant women should contact only trusted medical resources such as their health care providers and doctors about their concerns.

Pregnancy and Coronavirus

Pregnancy And Coronavirus

According to the Center For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC); there appears to be an increased risk for pregnant women to get infected. This is due to the fact that; pregnant women are at increased risk of infections.

There is currently no definitive answer as to whether the virus is transmitted during pregnancy or through breast milk, but there is sufficient evidence to warrant further research, particularly in relation to the new coronavirus and its potential effects on newborns. 

Research shows that infected pregnant women don’t transfer the virus to their newborn..

One possible way to provide access to prenatal care during this outbreak is to expand use of telemedicine during pregnancy. This would enable pregnant women to participate in prenatal visits over videoconference or the phone. This would reduce their risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Isolation During Pregnancy

“Isolation can cause anxiety and depression in pregnant women and their families,” says Dr. Joia Crear-Perry; an OBGYN and president of National Birth Equity Collaborative; an organization focused on black maternal and infant health. There are specific guidelines for pregnant women that should be followed during an epidemic. She adds that if you notice symptoms, you must call your doctor immediately to seek treatment. 

Right now, the CDC is not recommending specific measures for pregnant women beyond the infection prevention strategies recommended for everyone: hand washing, social distancing, avoiding crowds and working from home if possible. Pregnant health care workers can actually still go to work, but should not treat patients who have the virus.

Recommendations For Pregnant Women:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that women get vaccinated against flu at the time of pregnancy. This is because; vaccinations reduce the risk of being hospitalized with flu by an average of 40 percent.

Pregnancy affects and lowers the immune system; therefore, as a mum-to-be, strengthening your body’s defences can help build up your baby’s too – so everyone wins! While regular exercise and getting a good night’s sleep can help boost your immunity, what you eat can make a big difference too.

 In addition,  pregnant women are advised to take prenatal supplements and to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Finally, there’s absolutely no reason to panic! adhere to the safety precautions and you and your little bundle of joy will be fine!


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