Preparing for a Baby

Single or married, old or young, a baby is what many people crave…well, as at the time of writing this piece, we could not ascertain why. Maybe the need to replicate ourselves. Any ideas why?

This craving does not automatically lead to a baby. A baby is planned, prepared for. Well, planning here does not translate a time table, as it comes so easy to some, it is more like a mental state.  There are some things that should be in place before a baby comes.

Preparing for babyFirst, a proper “motherhood” mental state. Motherhood is a state of mind. Well, beyond the consciousness that there is another life growing within one’s stomach, it is an awareness that this life is no longer about you alone. It is the knowledge that someone is now automatically, attached to your apron springs, that you cannot do much alone without considering this live or lives. Then, the other things begin to follow.

Second, eat well. This cannot be over-emphasised. You are what you eat. And in this case, you are now eating for two; automatically, you and your baby are what you eat. If you no wan born atutupoyoyo, please eat well, at least fresh skin is a function of good food not necessarily “beauty genes” so you can have a kid or a baby not pikin. And right what the doctor said, the junk has to stop, baby likes no junk food. More vegetables and more fresh fruits. The appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals will reduce any complications and nutritional deficiencies. The earlier, the better too, you may meet with a doctor as soon as you realize that you are pregnant so you can take the necessary nutrition steps. Follow them and Baby would belch its “thank you” to you.

Third, exercise. We may not have an exercise culture around here and easily excuse the long walks from the Estate Gate into our homes as exercise. Lucky you if you get that! However, for many Lagos Mums that are stuck up in offices from 9am to 5pm or even earlier, thanks to the hours to and fro work in traffic. It’s time to take a conscious effort at exercise, especially when pregnant. It does not have to be complicated. Start with a walk up the stairs instead of the lift. Start with attempts to raise your right hand to touch your left ear and just stretch. Exercise is important before, during and after pregnancy. How else do you think that you stay in shape, well despite the baby bump? How do you keep your weight healthy and protect yourself against gestational diabetes and preeclampsia? How else do you think you would easily return to your figure 8 after child bearing? Not magic! Exercise baby!

Fourth is ehmm, financial preparation. In this Lagos, this very important. You have to make certain financial choices. This you plan with the father of the baby many times. It starts even with the kind of food you are eating now to what kind of feeding your baby will get: breast milk or bottle feeding. Of course breast milk is loads affordable compared to baby food. To even the place you want to have your baby: General Hospital, Lagoon Hospital, St. Nicholas or in the UK or US? After having your child will you leave work for a while and bring them up or you will use daycare services or get a nanny; whatever your choice, there are attendant results. It is important to consider the pros and cons of these choices.

All these things, no be mouth o! It is about preparation; it is money speaking, naira, dollar, pounds sterling depending on your choice. It is important to cut your coat according to your clothes and not make outlandish preparations that cannot stand the test of time after the birth of the baby. Like my friend jokes: don’t spend all your money on naming ceremony (baby preparation!) so that the child will not start drinking garri the next day!

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