Recipe How To Make Catfish Peppersoup

Our recipe this week is how to make catfish peppersoup. A very popular peppersoup in Nigeria, West Africa. The rainy season is here and what better way to get warmed up than with this delicious delicacy.



1 medium sized catfish (cut into 4 or 5 pieces)

Scent Leaves


1 Cubed Seasoning

Dry Pepper

Ground Crayfish (optional)


Peppersoup Spice Mix (Please note when you go to the local market, you can ask for peppersoup ingredient. It’s been blended and mixed together for use).


1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1 medium onion bulb


Place cleaned fish in a pot (the pot should not be too small or big so that all the ingredients can be infused into the fish).

Pour water into the pot (ensure that the fish is well submerged into the water).

Add the remaining ingredients. Cover the pot and place on medium heat to cook for 20-25mins.

You can take your catfish peppersoup with agidi/ eko or better still, eat it alone.

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