Share A Million Stories – World Book Day 2020

World Book Day 2020 is here again and we are very much excited to celebrate another year of reading and learning. This annual observance is led by UNESCO; which aims at giving every child a book of their own in a bid to promote reading, writing and everything that relates to books! The World Book Day will be marking its 23rd Anniversary this year with the theme: “Share A Million Stories” across the UK.


World book day This remarkable and important world event is observed in over 100 countries worldwide. It is usually on the first Thursday of March every year in the UK; which falls on Thursday, March 5th this year! However, other countries celebrate World Book Day on William Shakespeare‘s birthday – April, 23.

What does it mean to share a story?

Reading a story out loud to a friend or reading with an adult, sibling, colleague or even to your pet all amounts to sharing a story. Sharing a story can take place at any time of the day; from the breakfast table, to lunch time, on the bus, in class, at work, in the bath and even during bedtime!

The day is a celebration of everything BOOKS; the authors and illustrators, even to the children and adults who read them. Children of all ages come together to celebrate and promote the reading culture. They also get the chance to dress up as their favorite literary character or author on the day.

World book day
Lola from Big Hair Don’t Care by Crystal Swain-Bates

In Nigeria, a lot of parents often see reading as a mere ‘school business’, something that only school teachers are responsible for. Many often argue that schools are paid to teach children how to read and write. But, a lot of research shows the value of reading at home.

“Children who read at home with parents or caregivers have an educational advantage that lasts their whole lives than those who only read at school” said Peter Rule; Associate Professor, Centre for Higher and Adult Education.

What happens on World Book Day?

The aim of this world observance is to encourage more children to discover the pleasures of books and reading; by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own. The need for the day is greater than ever with the National Literacy Trust stating that now only a quarter of children read daily in 2020 (26 per cent of the population) compared to 2015 (43 per cent).

World book day
Photo Source: Maiden’s Head Big Read

This year, as a way of encouraging a good reading culture in the UK, tokens will be exchanged for books on World Book Day. 15 million book tokens will be sent around the UK to young people. In return; these tokens can be swapped for one of TEN, new and exclusive books (completely FREE) from their local bookseller. Check the World Book Day 2020 UK Token Registration site for more details on how to get these book tokens!

So, why not read a book and share an interesting story today! Encourage your children to do the same as well; because the truth remains that; a nation whose youths no longer read is sure to face an uncertain and endangered future. Let us take positive steps today to save our future by practically reviving our reading culture. [Read: List of 10 Books for Thinking Parents]


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