Technology Enabled Diapers

New parents, particularly Millennial parents, tend to be more open to raising children in a way that’s more progressive than the relatively traditional methods of parenting they were raised on. This can be observed in a variety of areas, whether by having children be more in-tune emotionally. Or having less rigid standards for gender expression, or incorporating technology in the process of raising a child.

Technology Enabled Diapers

It was only a matter of time before technology was leveraged to assist new parents in the care of infants. The collaboration between Pampers and health software platform Verily has realized a range of helpful smart diapers.

The “high-tech wear” goes by the name of ‘Lumi’ and it boasts multiple functions, including informing parents when the diaper needs changing, as well as monitoring the sleeping patterns of infants to assure they are getting the most out of their resting hours. The product is accompanied by an activity sensor, a connected mobile application, as well as a two-way audio-video monitor.

The concept of the smart diapers tie into Pamerps’ mission to harness technology to “simplify and connect people’s lives,” especially during the early stages of parenthood.

The Smardii Diaper Monitor

The ‘Smardii’ Keeps an Eye on When it’s Time for a Change. This diaper monitor is a connected solution for new parents to utilize with newborns to track a multitude of metrics to keep their child happy and healthy.

The device works by being attached onto the diaper and monitoring for soiling, while also keeping track of the body temperature, location and even positioning to help prevent SIDS and injuries sustained from falling. The system consists of smart diapers, the monitor and a gateway for staying in contact with the wearer at all times.

The ‘Smardii’ diaper monitor is ideal for infants but also shows distinct promise for the elderly as well! Thereby offering caregivers a way to track their health, while also making care more consistent and on-demand, as required.


Connected diapers for infants offer more easily manageable changings

Connected diapers (or diaper add-ons) that alerts the caregiver when newborns require a diaper change are on the rise. This Prompts easier organization of the child’s schedule. And a better understanding of the general health of the baby being taken care of.

Is this really necessary?

The goal of the system is to alleviate stress for new parents. The feedback from those testing the system has so far been positive, Treeby added.

Lumi isn’t the first jaunt into high-tech diapers. In 2016, Google’s parent company Alphabet filed a patent for “a diaper sensor for detecting and differentiating feces and urine.”

At least with the new Pampers, if the sensor stops working, you still have . . . ordinary diapers!

Simply amazing right!!

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