Technology has made Parenting Easier

This post is a thankful note to technology and how it makes being a mom more manageable for me.

1) Phones – I can call and check up on baby as often as I want during the day and monitor every poop, every meal, emotions etc. Up Mtn (well when they work – as a result have gotten landlines as well to bridge the bad network effect)

cant imagine what it was like in our mothers time when they couldn’t call home to check up on the baby –it was a real see you till i get home time!

2) Breastpump – Oh being able to pump and keep my baby as an exclusive breastfed baby for the first 6 months of her life despite coming back to work. Invaluable. Up Medela! Ice packs! and coolers!

rp_fww1.jpg3) Internet – There is nothing and I mean nothing that I have a question about relating to taking care of the baby I have not been able to find with a “google”. Its really amazing o what you can find about baby care, feeding questions, drugs that are not safe for mum to take while breastfeeding. I found this was important when I was given a prescription, I asked the pharmacist if it was safe considering I am breastfeeding…she answered “ehhen I think so” I was like excuse think so??? my baby is at stake here. Anyway I saved my valuable energy – jumped on google and voila the answer was there). Up Google and!

4) Laptop and the term “Flexible Hours”– woohoo the joys of being able to work from home on some days when I just could not face traffic, or was in a lack of sleep induced coma 🙂 Interestingly though I found the idea of flexible hours still frowned on a bit as a working mom here in Nigeria…Up HP and whoever started the idea of flexible hours!

5) Digital Cameras (and Phone cameras) – being able to take up to date and frequent pictures of the lil darling and staring at it at work when I need a “babyfix”. As a result also able to keep all the various aunties and uncles in all the various parts of the world updated on her development. Also very valuable for keeping the photographs for her to look at as she grows up. Up Canon/Snapfish/Picassa

Am sure there are others I can’t think about right now….Can you share how technology has made parenting easier for you?

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