The Social Media Gun (Relevance of Social Media to Recruitment)

Not sure if there is a link between using social media and your job prospects? Read an article by Gbemi-Lolade posted on jobberman

The recent trend in the society has everybody in the public radar. While some people love social media to a point of saturation, others see social media as a passing fad and a societal/cultural evil. Well, whatever your opinion is, social media is not a passing fad. It’s not just a rave. It’s a rave that has come to stay and has become very necessary in the measurement of activities, business, social and economic activities.

Believe it or not, social media has become a major tool recruiters use in measuring you and your value.

If you hate all things social media and you want to move up the career ladder, I suggest you embrace it wholeheartedly.

According to a study by Mashable, Employers and Psychiatrists find it highly suspicious that you are absent on Facebook. To them, it may mean two things: there is something wrong with you; or your profile is so full of obscenities, Facebook had to take it down. This means, that your activity on social media is becoming as essential to your recruitment process as your cover letter.

If your usual answer to, “Are you on Facebook?”is a negative one.You may need to start restructuring yourself to make that answer a positive one.

The Jobvite social recruitment survey states that a very high percentage of employers said they employed the use of social networking as part of their strategy. In the past year, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have been major social networking sites that recruiters have used to seek for professionals, in their hiring process. LinkedIn ranks highest in this study, followed by Facebook, Twitter, Personal blogs and YouTube.

According to the same research, Employers have reported an increase in the number and quality of candidates that they meet, and the fact that they have had successful hires since social recruiting strategy has been employed.

Depending on what you do, the skill you have and what you are trying to build, some social media channels will be asked of you in addition to your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles. If you are into music, videos and things connected to these, you know you should have a YouTube channel. If you are into graphics, photography and their environs, you should have a tumblr/flickr/behance channel.

If you are the management, business type. Find a way to reflect that part of you on social media. You need to be found in communities where people are looking for individuals like you.

This therefore brings me to the part where you need to be sure your social media channels and profile reflects what you expect it to reflect. As the saying goes, you are what you tweet. In the same vein, you are what you post and talk about. Let your profiles and accounts on social media channels and platforms reflect who you are and what your interests are.

Also, do not leave your social networking profiles, hanging dry. Be active. Post things that are interesting. Follow people in your industry. Contribute to discussions. Add value.

You are not on key social media platforms, you hate it and you think it’s a waste of time. Congrats!! You just shot yourself in the foot.

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