Things My Mother Did

Things my mother did..

I don’t know if you are like me. I love my mother. We are practically best friends and we would do practically anything for each other, but there were some things my mother did that I said I would never do, especially with my kids.

I wouldn’t snap at my kids. I wouldn’t correct out of anger. I would be patient. I had a long list of things I would never do. Guess what? I find myself doing just the things I said I would not do. I can’t for the life of me explain why. I didn’t like those things, so why do I do them?

It gave me cause for concern. You see, I turned out right. My mother must have done something right because we are a close knit family. My parents, siblings and I have practically no secrets but that didn’t mean there were some things that I wanted to differently. Why then did I end up doing what I didn’t want to do? I sound like Apostle Paul right?

Boom!  Found the answer. It’s called genes. You see, those genes are so strong that they  have the power to plant their roots firmly in you and make you behave exactly like your parents. The same way you look like your dad, talk like your mum, and share certain characteristics, the same way you carry some of their character traits.

Oh MY! That means I’m done for. I’m going to repeat the same mistakes. That is disheartening. My children are going to do the same thing too! Isn’t there any hope?

Yippee! I have GOOD NEWS FOR YOU. There is actually hope. It is called Retraining. What do I mean? You need to teach yourself new character traits. It means I have to learn patience and self control. How do I do that? With God’s help and loads of practice. It means you have to learn a new program. Your computer has to be upgraded and it is a lot of work, but it is worth it.

Why? If I want to raise an excellent child, I have to be an excellent me, so that my genes are upgraded and she picks the new genes. How is that possible? I don’t know but it works because somehow genes also are fed by repeated actions. Therefore, the making of that great and excellent child starts with you.

contributed by Sola Oguche-Agudah

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